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Tag: architecture

Importance of Hierarchy in Architecture e1659634167457
How Does Art Enhance Architecture

How Does Art Enhance Architecture

Architecture is the art of designing buildings. These skill sets inhibited by the architects are distinguishable from those required for construction. The art behind architecture involves satisfying the functional and […]

Contribution of architecture in developing tourism e1656317905142

Contribution of Architecture In Developing Tourism

Tourism in a country depends on its demographics, resources, heritage, and economic advancements. The major of these advancements depend on infrastructure and architectural development. The contribution of architecture to developing […]

Mesopotamia e1640703751704

Mesopotamia – A Quick Reference

Mesopotamia(4500-2000 BC) is considered as one of the earliest civilizations. Years ago, our ancestors learned to control fire, build social links with each other, attachment to the remains of the […]

Love Travel and have a passion towards writing e1626779915598

Temples of India Travel Story Contest

The Arch Space welcomes enthusiastic persons from all over the society to submit their ideas/expressions in the form of a story. The contest is held to share the knowledge and […]

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