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Category: Architectural Styles

Ancient Egyptian Architecture and Spectacular Structures e1678187232868
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Modern Architecture – Part 1 (Functionalism)

Modernism(1900-1950) focuses on simplicity, minimalism and a rejection of ornament. Also, the designers of Modern architecture concentrated on functionality of buildings. Discovery of new materials and construction technologies led to […]

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Art Nouveau Architecture – A New Freedom For Art

Art Nouveau Architecture(1890-1914) is an international style of art, architecture and applied arts. It encompassed all areas of design – architecture, graphic design, fine arts, industrial design, furniture design, etc. […]

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Palladian Architecture – Important Features and Examples

One of the most widely used Neoclassical architecture (1720-1830)is the Palladian Architecture/Palladianism. It refers to works of 16th century Venetian architect Andrea Palladio. Characteristics/Features of Palladian Architecture Examples of Palladian […]

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Romanesque Architecture – A Quick Reference

Romanesque Architecture, an architectural style of medieval Europe, emerged as the dominant architectural style ranging between the 6th to 11th centuries. The design and style were mostly borrowed from Roman […]

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Byzantine Architecture – A Quick Overview

330 AD to 1453 Roman life focused on pleasures which are well illustrated by the Roman Baths. The baths served three vital functions: After Constantine, the primary concern of Roman […]

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6 Unique and Impressive Buildings of Roman Architecture

Roman architecture shapes spaces.—H. Kähler, The Art of Rome and Her Empire Roman Architecture continued and adopted classical Greek Architecture and established different architectural styles. It is the architecture, particularly […]

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Ancient Greek Architecture – 3 Classical Orders

The columns and temples are significant architectural creations of Ancient Greek Architecture. Balance and proportions were the concepts of Architectural beauty. Parthenon in Athens is recognized as a special achievement […]

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Mesopotamia – A Quick Reference

Mesopotamia(4500-2000 BC) is considered as one of the earliest civilizations. Years ago, our ancestors learned to control fire, build social links with each other, attachment to the remains of the […]

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