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Category: Architectural styles

Renaissance architecture

Romanesque Architecture – A Quick Reference

Romanesque Architecture, an architectural style of medieval Europe, emerged as the dominant architectural style ranging between 6th to 11th century. The design and style was mostly borrowed from Roman art […]

Ancient Greek Architecture

Ancient Greek Architecture – 3 Classical Orders

The columns and temples are the significant architectural creations of Ancient Greek Architecture. Balance and proportions were the concepts of Architectural beauty. Parthenon in Athens is recognized as their special […]


4500-2000BC Mesopotamia is considered as one of the earliest civilizations. Years ago, our ancestors learned to control fire, build social links with each other, attachment with the remains of the […]

stone age and stone henge

Prehistoric Architecture – The Stone Age

Stone Age is the Earliest human settlements. Early human beings, hominid ancestors learned many thigs slowly and gradually such as control fire, recognize social links, maintain a bond with the […]

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