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Archspace is an educational resource site for beginners starting in the extensive world of architecture. The arch space was founded in November 2020 by Sahithi. The main goal of this blog is to provide quality articles, tips, tricks, hacks, and other architecture/interior/design resources that allow architecture students and beginners to improve their knowledge.

Arch Space is a place where you can learn everything about architecture, styles Interiors, design, materials, finishes, lighting, etc.


We divide our guides to materials and finishes into various categories, from floorings to indoor décor, representing the different building functions.

Each topic covers types, sizes, descriptions, properties, advantages, disadvantages, etc., and acts as an e-book on architecture, Interior, and its finishes.


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Design strategies for hot and dry climate
Building Orientation
Building Orientation in Architecture
Future of Architecture
Future of Architecture
Design and working drawings
Brick facades
 design and working drawings
Students work

 design and working drawings
Palladian architecture

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Love Architectural Writing?

We are open to experienced/fresher Architects, designers, and students as volunteer contributor writers who love to publish their written articles about Architecture/Interiors/landscapes/DIY’s/Projects as a contributor.

Students can also share their portfolio works.

architecture writing services


Designing With Purpose to Create a Better World!

 design and working drawings
 design and working drawings
Writing Services

1 Drafting Services

This is a medium where you can experiment with simple form and volumes, add a few parameters of texture, tweak lighting effects & then balance the vibes of the space to give it a unique definition.

2 Design Services

Designing is not just about good looks, it is about how the spaces extend themselves from within because of intelligent planning.

3 Architectural Writing Services

Architectural writing–We are open to experienced/fresher writers who love to publish their written articles about Architecture/Interiors/Landscape/DIYs/Projects as a contributor. Know more here.


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