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Category: Doors and Windows

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Types of Glass e1614010455129

Types of Glass and their Uses in Construction

The most important properties and types of glass are discussed in this section. Glass is one of the most important materials and widely used in the building technologies. Its application […]

window glazing 1

Window Glazing – Type of Glass and Function

A typical building loses 10%of its heat through the windows. Solar Radiation and Visible light penetrates through fenestrations (windows, doors, and other openings),which leads to heat gain in the interior […]

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6 Types of Window Frames and Its Materials

Windows should provide a water-tight seal when closed. Window frames should have low thermal conductivity or be constructed to interrupt the flow of heat. Material Used for Window Frames A […]

Doors and Windows in Building Construction

Doors and Windows in Building Construction

Doors provide ingress/access from outside into the interior of a building as well as passage between interior spaces. The openings – both doors and windows affects the Physical appearance of […]

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