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Window Film – Advantages And Types Of Window Films

A wide range of window films -transparent and translucent plastic films are applied internally or externally to modify the properties of glass.

Window film is a micro-thin layer made with polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film applied directly over smooth glass surfaces using an adhesive that contributes in various ways such as to reduce glare, enhance privacy, manage solar energy or add a decorative touch to windows.

Window Film

Advantages and Features:

  • Reduce solar heat and radiant heat
  • Security film adds strength to prevent window breakage
  • Films can be removed and reused
  • Enhance glass performance
  • Decorative films provide aesthetics both for building envelope and interior applications
  • Cost-effective; save on heating and cooling costs
  • Hide views which are unpleasant to look at
  • Improve safety and security

Types of Window Films

Window films are available in a vast number of types.

Window Film For Homes

1.Decorative Window Film

  • Mainly used for decorative and aesthetic purposes in interior applications. Available in various features such as colors, textures, patterns, self-adhesive, heat and glare control, etc.
  • It also offers UV protection and visual privacy. Available as Stained, Frosted, Textured films or can be designed as per user requirement.


  • Offers a stained glass effect.
  • Offers privacy without blocking light.
  • Repeated patterns horizontally and vertically.


  • Used in residential and commercial applications.
  • Help reduce fading on interior surfaces, reduce glare, provide visual privacy without blocking light.
  • Complements any décor style.


  • Creates the look of stained and etched glass.
  • The effect of textures adds beauty and depth to the window.
  • Offers privacy without blocking light.
  • Repeated patterns horizontally and vertically.

Custom designs

  • Can be made to suit different customer requirements such as geometric patterns, logo designs, nature designs, etc.

2.Solar and Heat Control Window Film

  • Window films that filter solar heat and radiant heat used in exterior and interior applications.
  • Reflective appearance.
  • Reduces glare to ensure eye comfort and increase productivity.
  • Blocks the amount of UV rays that cause fading of interior furnishings.
  • Thermal lining enhances aesthetics and provides warmth.
  • Ideal for residential and commercial applications.
  • Reduce cooling costs.
  • Available with various features such as glare control, heat control, light-filtering, safety, etc.
  • ceramic window films are corrosion resistant.

3.Safety/Security Window Films

  • These films provide a virtually invisible shield to protect from burglary, accidental damage, etc.
  • Made with multiple polyester film layers.
  • Thickness ranging from 4-15mm.
  • Won’t break into numerable pieces on the floor thereby reducing the risk of injury.
  • These films provide unobstructed views.

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