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8 Innovative Materials Used in Architecture

Innovation is such a crucial thing for mankind. It fills in the cracks and changes the way of our living. From stone-age to the Romans, Industrial Revolution to Internationalism, the […]

Mars house

The Mars House

Mars House designed in May 2020 by Artist Krista Kim , has become the first digital home sold on non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace in the world. NFT is a kind […]

10 Beautiful Interior Design Mood Board Examples

1.Rustic Style 2.Industrial Style 3.Mid-Century Modern 4.Modern Style 5.Contemporary 6.Minimalist 7.Traditional Style 8.Transitional 9.Bohemian 10.Eclectic 11.Shabby chic Style 12.Coastal Style 13.Country Style

11 Beautiful Upcycling Home Decor Ideas

Creative reuse of waste materials not only turns into beautiful artworks but also adds to the environmental value. The end product creates a cleaner, visually appealing, and functional that has […]

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