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Articles related to architecture and interiors

How Does Art Enhance Architecture

Architecture is the art of designing buildings. These skill sets inhibited by the architects are distinguishable from those required for construction. The art behind architecture involves satisfying the functional and […]

Role of AR and VR In Architecture

The digital upsurge is in full swing. The global revolution of digital gadgets and technologies is upgrading every day. With the implementation of AR and VR in architecture, it’s evident […]

Role of Façade In Architecture

First impressions last forever. As for the buildings, this is the job of the façade or the exterior components of the building. The role of the façade in architecture is […]

Contribution of Architecture In Developing Tourism

Tourism in a country depends on its demographics, resources, heritage, and economic advancements. The major of these advancements depend on infrastructure and architectural development. The contribution of architecture to developing […]

Future of Architecture

We define our lifestyle, and our lifestyle redefines architectural progress. The human race who once lived in barbaric caves now views the earth from outer space. That’s how vast the […]

Impact Of Architecture In Our Lives

Architecture is a collaborative process. Built spaces can resonate with living beings and their surroundings. The impact of architecture on our lives is extremely significant and understanding these impacts keeps […]

Architectural Concept for Office – Site In Shorts

Established in 2004, OMS Software is a web development Firm Specializing in E-Business optimization solutions for companies across the Globe. Om software offers a complete range of Web-based application services […]

8 Innovative Materials Used in Architecture

Innovation is such a crucial thing for mankind. It fills in the cracks and changes the way of our living. From stone-age to the Romans, Industrial Revolution to Internationalism, the […]

Mars house

The Mars House

Mars House designed in May 2020 by Artist Krista Kim , has become the first digital home sold on non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace in the world. NFT is a kind […]

10 Beautiful Interior Design Mood Board Examples

1.Rustic Style 2.Industrial Style 3.Mid-Century Modern 4.Modern Style 5.Contemporary 6.Minimalist 7.Traditional Style 8.Transitional 9.Bohemian 10.Eclectic 11.Shabby chic Style 12.Coastal Style 13.Country Style

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