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Category: Wall Finishes

Decorative Natural Stone Planters to Enhance Your Interiors e1649998143656
Gypsum WallboardsDry wall

Gypsum Wallboards/Dry wall

Gypsum wallboard is a type of sheathing used for interior walls. Gypsum boards comprises primarily of gypsum core, with a paper surfacing covering the face, back and long edges. The […]

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Cement Fiberboard Siding

Cement fiberboard is used for interior cladding as well as exterior cladding. It is made from wood-length fiber, concrete, and silicon sand, manufactured under a high-vapor process. Dense fiber panels […]

Ceramics and Type of Finishes e1631534653878

Ceramics and Type of Finishes

Ceramics Ceramic tiles are known for its durable nature and decorative effect. The most common types of tiles are ceramic and porcelain tiles and are mostly regarded as the best […]

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