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10 Ideas to Turn a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

“The kitchen is the soul of a house and designed effectively cabinetry could make a major impact.”. In the realm of compact kitchens, where space is a scarce commodity, the need for captivating cabinet ideas that expand horizons becomes an imperative quest. Within these diminutive spaces, challenges abound with stifled storage, constricted work areas, and a palpable absence of breathing room. These small kitchens can be transformed into efficient and inspiring spaces with clever cabinet solutions. 

Choose Light-Colored Cabinetry

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In smaller spaces or cabinets with little lighting, enlarging the dining area is extremely crucial. Cooking & dining might be more difficult in a small, untidy kitchen that can make you feel confined. You may maximize your available space and improve the quality of your food and dining experiences by following these design suggestions.

Maximize Height with the Ceiling – Reaching Cabinetry 

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Adding cabinetry that reaches the ceiling may give the impression that the space is greater and wider. This occurs as a result of the gaze being attracted upward, which suggests vertical space. Furthermore, installing cupboards that reach up to the ceiling can add to the amount of available storage space, which can be beneficial in the kitchen where the room is in short supply.

Lighten and Enlarge with Open Shelving

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Use open shelving or glass-front units to give the space a light, breezy atmosphere and to seemingly enlarge the area. Kitchen designs complete with Employing open shelves or glazing-front cabinetry may assist in making the kitchen seem airier and appear larger. It’s due to the fact they increase the amount of illumination that enters a space and might reduce its enclosed sense. Open shelving can also be utilized to store cookware or ornamental things, which can give the room character and appeal.

Enlarge design with Optical Inset Cabinets

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To make the room appear larger, think about switching out solid cabinet doors for ones that include an optical inset. Indeed, installing glass inserts in solid doors to cabinets will visibly expand your kitchen Cabinet Design. This is because glass doors enable more light to enter the room, giving the impression that it is lighter and larger. For optimal endurance and protection, it’s also crucial to check that the optical insert is properly installed and strengthened.

Maximize Storage with Vertical Dividers

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Use vertical dividers in the Kitchen cabinets to increase storage capacity and lessen counter congestion. Designers adding vertical dividers to cabinetry is a terrific method to increase the amount of storage and clear up the counter space. Cut panels, sheets, and containers, which can take up plenty of room and produce a litter when left lying on the countertop, can be organized and stored using vertical partitions.

Elevate with Under-Cabinet Lighting

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To provide the impression of height as well as make a kitchen seem broader, use illumination beneath the kitchen cabinets. Adding lights behind cabinetry can provide the impression of depth and enlarge the kitchen Cabinet Design. Work areas and counters can be further illuminated by below-cabinet lighting, giving the cooking area a lighter, more airy effect. Furthermore, below-cabinet illumination can provide shades and highlights that give the room depth and perspective by directing light downhill. Because they save electricity and can be readily hidden under cupboards, light-up strips are widely used.

Reflect with an Immense Mirror

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Use an immense mirror to catch daylight and enlarge the room in the kitchen design. In my perspective, including big mirrors in your kitchen design will reflect daylight and give the room the appearance of being bigger. Mirrors are renowned for their capacity to reflect light and produce an experience of sight growth, giving the appearance of expansiveness and depth. A large mirror can be incorporated into your kitchen decor in several different ways. To establish an emphasis and add architectural interest to the area, you might consider putting reflective tiling on the backsplash.

Expand with Horizontal Striped Cabinetry

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To give the appearance of space in a compact kitchen, build cabinetry featuring horizontal stripes. However, placing cabinetry with horizontal lines can give a cramped kitchen the appearance of spaciousness. As the eye is drawn outward by horizontal lines, the area appears broader and more open. Meanwhile, adding horizontal lines to the backsplash or granite design will improve the room’s appearance and give it a more coherent feel. To produce a unified and aesthetically pleasing area, it’s also crucial that one makes certain that the horizontal lines are correctly harmonized with additional aesthetic components.

Create Space with Monochromatic Colors

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Image source: housely.com

To make the kitchen appear larger, use a monochromatic scheme of colors for your cabinets and walls. Certainly, using homogeneous paint colors for the Kitchen cabinets & walls will aesthetically open up the room and give the cooking area an impression of consistency and movement. Likewise, you may give the room character by adding pops of color with decorations like colorful plates.

Enhance the Space with Shiny Cabinetry

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Image source: homebunch.com

For reflecting light and giving the impression of additional room and illumination, use cabinetry featuring a shiny surface. Glossy cabinets have a seamless, shining finish that reflects light, giving the Kitchen the impression of being lighter and larger. Choosing cabinetry that has a robust finish that can resist degradation over time and being manufactured of premium components are also essential considerations for the longevity of the surface.


The objective of effective design is to make the space appear wider than it is, and kitchens were the ideal instrument for doing so. A large, practical kitchenette may assist you to draw in prospective purchasers and raise the price of your house. Entirety, it is crucial in terms of the pleasure in the house as its total value to consider kitchen cabinet designs that expand the space.

By Srajati Tiwari

A young and enthusiastic learner who enjoys experimenting with the complexity of architecture in light of the evolving environment and the way society functions, while also being mindful of the sustainability aspect and the history of the specific area or build. I think that words and architecture assist individuals in expressing their deepest selves & aim to calm curiosity with a pen and tame the endless why’s and hows through a research method followed with meticulous attention to detail.

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