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Are Smart Homes Worth It in 2023? Here’s What to Know

Smart homes are here to stay. Despite being saturated in the market, the industry is still thriving and shows no signs of disappearing. However, 2023 will be a significant year for the industry. The leading players such as Google and Amazon are having financial difficulties in their smart home offerings, while Apple is gaining momentum in the market. This is an opportune time to evaluate the concept of smart homes and determine if it’s worth your investment.

Luxury House with Smart Home System; Image source: unsplash.com

What is a Smart Home?

A smart home is a living environment designed to provide comfort, security, convenience, and energy efficiency, among other benefits. It involves the integration of technology combined with artificial intelligence to ensure a seamless flow of operations. From the lighting system, and home appliances like the refrigerator, oven, and washing machines, to the door locks, the smart home system is designed to make life easier by reducing human intervention and minimizing energy consumption.

How Does Smart Home Work?

A smart home is a system in which various home devices and appliances, such as lights, security cameras, and thermostats, are connected to a network and can be controlled remotely. The key to a smart home is its central controller, usually a smart speaker or hub, which receives commands through voice recognition or an app. The controller then relays the instructions to individual devices through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. By automating repetitive tasks and allowing users to remotely control every device, smart homes simplify and enhance daily living.

Pros and Cons of Smart Home

Smart homes have revolutionized the way we live, offering unparalleled convenience that goes beyond what conventional homes can offer.


  • Convenience: Smart homes are unquestionably more convenient than conventional homes.
  • Energy savings: Energy savings are delivered through programmable climate and lighting controls based on individual usage.
  • Safety: Advanced home security systems with various cameras and motion sensors are present in smart homes.
  • Accessibility: Smart homes provide an excellent solution for disabled or older people due to their ability to be equipped with accessibility features, as mentioned by SFGate.
  • Insurance incentives: Certain insurers may offer discounts for the utilization of smart devices.


  • Initial investment: When compared to regular home technology, smart home technology necessitates a higher investment.
  • Power surges: According to the Insurance Information Institute, homeowners should ensure their homes are adequately protected against power surges.
  • Compatibility: Multiple manufacturers produce smart home technology, and not all of their products are compatible.
  • Vulnerability to Internet outages: In the event of an Internet outage, most smart systems and devices have backup mechanisms in place to ensure continuous operation.

Are Smart Homes Worth It in 2023?

I want to note right away that using or ignoring smart devices is each person’s choice. We will simply tell you how a smart home can be useful, and you already decide whether it is suitable for you or not.

#1 AI Will Make Your House Think

AI technology creates devices that mimic human intelligence, allowing for less direction from the user. Instead of manually programming every task for smart home devices, AI can automate certain actions, making life easier. Although not always fully intelligent, AI provides significant assistance in daily life. For example, AI can detect when you arrive home and turn on the kitchen lights automatically as you enter. Without AI, setting up a routine to activate the lights upon motion detection would be necessary.

#2 Smart Home Takes Care of Your Health

By 2023, expect to see even more smart devices designed to help improve your health. One exciting new option for your home is the Acer eKinekt BD 3 – a combination desk and exercise bike. It offers a convenient way to stay active while getting work done, and you can even power up your other gadgets using its built-in USB ports. This innovative device allows you to multitask like never before and take charge of your overall well-being.

Upgrade your smart home with the Withings U-Scan Urine Analyzer. This compact disc-shaped device can easily fit into any toilet bowl and analyze your urine to provide insights into your body’s wellness balance. It’s time to take your health monitoring to the next level.

#3 New Level of Entertainment

LG plans to revolutionize your smart home entertainment setup by introducing the OLED M TV in 2023. This cutting-edge television will eliminate the hassle of HDMI cords by wirelessly transmitting its 4K signal, making it a breeze to place your TV wherever you want. All you will need is a simple power cord plugged into the nearest wall outlet. Get ready to experience a whole new level of convenience and style with the LG OLED M TV.

No matter how much the energy efficiency of the TV, the quality of its picture, and other parameters are improved, the content remains the main thing. If a significant part of it is blocked, everything else becomes useless. However, you can unlock websites, movie libraries, sports channels, and more. All you need for this is VeePN. Connect to one of its servers and you will be able to bypass regional restrictions.

Smart Homes

#4 Security Made Easy

Upgrade your security with the Lockly Flex Touch Pro – a smart deadbolt that offers biometric capabilities, allowing you to unlock the door with your fingerprint instead of a key. With the ability to connect to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and grant access to smartphones, securing your home has never been easier.

sebastian scholz nuki IJkSskfEqrM unsplash
Image source: Unsplash.com

Looking for a smart deadbolt that’s low maintenance? Look no further than the Alfred DB2S. This cutting-edge technology never requires battery changes thanks to infrared power transmission, making your home safer and more convenient than ever before.

#5 Matter Will Help Smart Devices Get Along

Discover why Matter was a key focus at CES 2023 and how it will revolutionize the way smart devices work together. With individual devices using their own communication methods, smart homes become a hub of chaos. It’s like people in a crowded room speaking different languages — no one effectively communicates. By adopting matter, every device in your smart home will operate using the same communication protocol, promoting communication, compatibility, and collaboration.

Smart Homes
Modern Architecture with Smart Homes System; Image source: unsplash.com

#6 Improved Smart Home Products

Upgrade your smart home game with new products that optimize performance.

  • Samsung’s SmartThings Station is a game-changer, equipped with Matter-based control and a sleek charging pad for on-the-go powering. The device can even help you locate misplaced accessories and automate your home’s lighting with ease. Work smarter, not harder, and experience the convenience of a seamless smart home lifestyle.
  • Sky Technologies SkyPlug Smart Light Base – the ultimate solution to transforming your hardwired light fixture or ceiling fan into a smart device! With its easy plug-and-play functionality, you can effortlessly remove fixtures for cleaning or give your room a fresh new look for any occasion. Control your lights with your voice or smartphone, and make the most of smart home routines.
  • Roborock S8 Pro Ultra – the revolutionary vacuum that will change your cleaning routine forever. This intelligent machine not only vacuums but also mops, freeing up your time and energy. Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning in 2023 and beyond with the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra. Its advanced features include a self-cleaning mop pad and the ability to warm itself to prevent mold growth.


The smart home of 2023 is the future today. From health monitoring to entertainment systems to security solutions, there are so many innovative products and services available to upgrade your home and make life easier. However, this is not a cheap pleasure, so it’s up to you to evaluate the feasibility of a purchase. However, it cannot be denied that a smart home is better in many ways.

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