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10 Breathtaking Must-Visit Castles In the World

We can merely define castles as something like owning a piece of history, but with a mortgage that could last a lifetime. Castles served various purposes back in time. Several castles were built to be the finest and grandest, whereas others were built to reflect their monarchs’ personalities. They were utilized as royal homes, geopolitical defenses, and pure grandeur displays.

Historic castles must have been really useful, sturdy, and visually pleasing, given that so many were still a retreat for kings and nobles. Several were built on a mountaintop, others appeared to hover above waters, while others were virtually concealed either by lush foliage. In this article, you can explore about the best castles in the world. These intriguing castles make for the ideal summer vacation to enliven your soul and have a great deal of fun.

10 Best Castles in the World

Eltz Castle, Germany

The stronghold uprights to be the best castle in the world and is notable for its stunning architecture, which blends aspects from the High Renaissance, Art Nouveau, and Baroque periods. You can experience the castle’s different places and discover its past and modern design via walking tours. The Castle in Germany is perched on a hilltop encircled by a forested area, contributing to the eerie atmosphere. It has numerous towers, palaces, a doorway, and a substantial repository of sculptures, weaponry installations, as well as other antiquated pieces of archaic architecture. Year-round, the fortress holds a variety of activities like musical performances, medieval festivities, and Street markets.

Eltz Castle, Germany; Image source: Bing Images

Visit the website to know more about the tickets and timings – Home page – Eltz Castle – One of the most beautiful castles in Germany (burg-eltz.de)

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

It is indeed among the most prominent and Instagrammable locations in the Country. Distinct galleries and installations that feature the castle’s & Scotland’s heritage have been filling Edinburgh Castle Lately. It is additionally the most popular paid destination in the country, including over 2 million tourist arrivals annually. The Scottish Crown Jewels, the Stone of Destiny (a traditional symbol of Scottish royalty), the Great Hall, and the National War Museum of Scotland are among the attractions that you must visit.

Edinburgh Castle; Image source: alphacoders.com

Official website to plan your visit – Official Edinburgh Castle Website | Buy Tickets & Plan Your Visit

Windsor Castle, England

Windsor Castle is a royal palace in the English town of Windsor, in the district of Berkshire. One of the best castles built nearly a generation ago is the world’s most famous and widely habitable palace. It is freely accessible for all years, except for portions that may be restricted for formal occasions or repairs. This royal residence is Empress Elizabeth’s preferred weekend getaway, where she organizes official exchanges with foreign dignitaries. You can consult the castle’s webpage for the most up-to-date details. 

Windsor Castle: Image source: Bing Images

A visit to 1,000 years of royal history – Visit Windsor Castle (rct.uk)

Bran Castle, Rome

Bran Castle is built over a historic Teutonic Knights fortification & is considered one of the best castles in the world. This fascinating castle is a medieval stronghold in Romania’s Transylvania region. You can observe that the fortress emerges from the nearby trees at a height of around 2500 feet above the water’s surface. It is located on a rocky ledge here between Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains and therefore is intrinsically intertwined well with Vampire mythology. It overlooks the charming hamlet of Bran, and its various pylons and spires lend it an enigmatic aspect.

Bran Castle; Image source: Bing Images

Explore the beautiful castle to plan your visit – BRAN CASTLE – The Official Website (bran-castle.com)

Eilean Donan, Scotland

Eilean Donan is one of the most famous medieval castles in the world, with practically everyone being able to recognize it. among the most well-known medieval castles in the world, with essentially anyone recognizing it. It is well-known for its gorgeous position, perched on a tiny island near the confluence of three lochs: Lake Alsh, Lake Duich, and Lake Long. You can recognize for its magnificent architecture, which includes numerous turrets, in addition to the sandstone bridge that connects the island to the shore.

best castles in the world
Eilean Donan; Image source: alphacoders.com

Visitor centre – Eilean Donan – Kyle of Lochalsh, Scotland (eileandonancastle.com)

Hluboká Castle, Czech Republic

Hluboká Castle is a magnificent château in the Czech Republic’s Southern Bohemia area. This is one of the best castles located close to the town of eské Budjovice on a ridge called the Vltava River. Lush gardens and parkland encircle the castle, which was additionally refurbished mostly during reconstruction. It’s an internationally renowned vacation spot and therefore is regarded as being one of the most spectacular castles in the country. It notably includes a Victorian design, giving it a charming appearance from a contemporary perspective.

best castles in the world
Hluboká Castle; Image source: alphacoders.com

Check about the tour timings and tickets availability – Home – (zamek-hluboka.cz)

Mont-Saint-Michel, France

Mont-Saint-Michel is a tiny peninsula located southeast of Normandy, France, with a walled abbey. The breathtaking island situated between Normandy and Brittany converges is unearthly and one-of-a-kind. Additionally, the monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and among France’s finest recognizable sights. Followed by the beach, which is accessible on foot in shallow water, and many individuals explore moderate- to vigorous intensity. Individuals can visit the galleries, Presbyterian Church, and monastery.

best castles in the world
Mont-Saint-Michel; Image source: alphacoders.com

Get your guided tour here – From Bayeux: Full-Day Mont Saint-Michel Tour | GetYourGuide

Bojnice Castle in Bojnice, Slovakia

Bojnice Castle is a picturesque fairy tale-style castle in the hamlet of Bojnice, Slovakia. The fortress is perched on a hill above town, with a view of the surrounding parkland and reservoir. Renovation appears that it never stopped. Bojnice Castle, itself with delightful aspect, is now among the most frequented fortresses with numerous tourists wandering its ancient corridors annually. It is among the world’s finest or most toured castles, recognized for its scenic beauty and picturesque environs.

best castles in the world
Bojnice Castle; Image source: pinimg.com

Explore the castle of Mysterious stories here – Bojnický zámok | Bojnice Castle | Múzeum Bojnice

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany 

Neuschwanstein Castle, one of the best castles in the world & therefore called a storybook palace, designed for just an introspective & solitary king, is an exquisite alpine retreat. King Ludwig II of Bavaria, renowned colloquially rebuilt Neuschwanstein Castle in the 1900s. His unconventional life and creativity undoubtedly gave birth to the typical fairy palace. Despite being a facsimile of any single fallen castle, Neuschwanstein combines numerous various design and aesthetic styles.

best castles in the world
Neuschwanstein Castle; Image source: Bing Images

Read on how to reach this castle – Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany – Tours & Tickets (neuschwansteintickets.com)

Trakai Island Castle, in Lithuania

Trakai Island Castle is a large brick castle picturesque medieval stronghold on an island in Lake Galv near Trakai, Lithuania. It serves as a gallery that showcases its heritage and historical value. It is among the nation’s most renowned tourist destinations, recognized for its exquisite and attractive environs. The Great Hall, the cathedral, as well as the Prince’s apartments are among the delights. 

Trakai Island Castle; Image source: sumfinity.com

Plan your visit to this amazing castle – Trakai Castle, Trakai – Book Tickets & Tours | GetYourGuide


As Architects and Designers, it appears that we have a sense of obligation to restore and preserve them so that future generations can learn from our cultural heritage. The world’s castles are immensely diverse, therefore repairing castles around the world is critical for traditional values, increasing tourism, learning services, impacting a green economy, & strengthening community spirit and belonging. 

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