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7 Important Aspects to Consider While Lighting the Entryway

The entryway acts as a pathway into the home for welcoming guests. Lighting the entryway creates the first impression to visitors on how beautiful and aesthetically pleasing the users maintain the home. Also, a well-designed foyer generates a warm and inviting atmosphere for those who enter the house.

Lighting -both natural and artificial light plays a significant role in decorating the space. Natural lighting ( from Sunlight ) is to be integrated into the design by providing generous openings concerning their orientation. On the other hand, artificial lighting has to be designed and planned as per the lighting scheme.

Here in this article, you will find seven significant aspects to consider while lighting the entryway.

Lighting the entryway

1. Space Planning

Entrance foyers can range from a small to a huge lobby depending on the type of building and space availability. While designing the entrance foyer; space planning, wall color, finishes, locations of windows, doors, and wall décor – every aspect of the design is to be taken into consideration.
It is advisable to plan the lighting design at the time of space planning itself so the electrical wiring is in place accordingly.

2. Artificial Lighting

As the entrance of the foyer is open to outside, most of the daylighting is utilized. Artificial lighting is essential for safety- security reasons, practical needs, decorative effect and when there is no natural lighting. A careful selection of fixtures is to be done while lighting the entryway to provide sufficient brightness so that no corner is left dark.

Lights should be energy-efficient, long-lasting with little maintenance.

3. Placement and Type of Fixtures

The Placement of lights depends on space planning and the placement of furniture. As there is minimal furniture in an entry, lighting plays a prominent role in creating a visually appealing and inviting atmosphere.

Spotlights can be used to highlight an art piece/sculpture/wall décor creating an appealing and striking effect.

Hanging lights-pendant lights or chandeliers appear elegant, create emphasis, acts as the focal point, and are decorative creating a beautiful lighting display.

If the entrance is huge enough, a combination of wall lights and ceiling lights can be used.

Ceiling lights provide general lighting and recessed lighting is a good option if the ceiling height is low.

Below is the link to the type of fixtures:

Wall lights – https://thearchspace.com/2019/12/19/type-of-light-fixtures-wall-lights/

Ceiling Lights – https://thearchspace.com/2019/11/16/types-of-ceiling-lights/

Lamps and Shades – https://thearchspace.com/2019/12/25/light-fixtures-lamps-and-shades/

4. Fixture-Power and Features

The Wattage required, color temperature are to be taken into consideration to choose fixtures.

While lighting the entryway, features like dimmable/motion sensor/adjustable hanging length is to be chosen according to the brightness required and user requirement.

Consider the color/finish of the fixture, the color of light it emits and reflects on the walls, effects of patterns on the walls.

5. Size

The size and shape of the fixture depend on the size of the room. The hanging from the ceiling should not to too lengthy to touch heads while entering inside or too low to lack brightness and hurting in dark spaces.

6. Material

Fixture material is an another important point to be considered. There are different types and a variety of fixtures are made with a combination of contrasting materials. They have to be chosen as per the required user and interior design style of the room.

Different materials create different effects, mood, and vibe to the room.

For ex., glass captures the light and diffuse light creating beautiful patterns on the walls, metal offers neutral styling creating a simple, elegant, industrial look.

A combination of materials creates a sophisticated and aesthetic appeal.

7. Style and Design

The design and style of the lamp have to be chosen according to the interior décor style of the dining room. There are different styles available to suit different styles of the room.

Many of the lamp’s style suits two or more indoor décor styles of the room. For ex., if a modern style lamp is chosen then it can be suited to contemporary, minimalist, Scandinavian too!

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