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The Definitive Guide to Types of Light fixtures-Wall lights

There are mainly 3 types of Light Fixtures

In this article, you will find guide to Wall Sconces.

Wall Sconces

Wall Sconces are light fixtures attached to the wall as support where the light is directed upwards/downwards/tilted. In addition to the ceiling lights, scones add up extra brightness to the room and also create an inviting atmosphere.

They are available in a variety of colours, materials, colours, styles, shades, etc. Also useful in places where you need a bit of light like a reading room or a specific area like a staircase. Sconces create a decorative feature than a functional purpose.

They impart a stylish and gentle and background illumination and are typically installed in pairs on either side of frame of doorways or either side of beds to create a balance.

Wall Sconces

Sconce Types

Barn Lights

Barn lights are attractive, functional and provide building outdoor space stylish and bright illumination.

Many of the barn lights are available in metal, aluminum and galvanized finishes that are ideal for vintage, contemporary and industrial styles.

Armed Sconce

Armed sconces are unique as they feature a decorative arm that attaches to a base and fit in variety of styles.

Few of them come with a swing arm, where they can swing in different directions.

Wall Chiere

They give an effect of combination of wall lamps and torchiers together, most of them come with decorative designs and are beautiful.

They are available in variety of designs and blend with any design style.

LED Strip Lights

Also known as ribbon lights comes with adhesive backing by surface mounted light emitting diodes.

They are used for different variety of applications such as cabinet lighting, kitchens, ceilings, TV back lighting, bedroom headboards, etc.,

Wall sconces also vary according to

  • Mount Type
  • Fixture colour/Finish
  • Style
  • Fixture Material

According to Mount Type

Mount Type – Flush type and Semi flush type

Flush type– Flush with interior wall

Semi flush type – Light fixture is attached to arm that connects to a plate.

Ex. Barn lights, wall lanterns


Type of lighting fixture installed into the wall and sit flush with the wall.

According to Fixture Color/Finish

Chrome, bronze, nickel, graphite, copper, gold

Black, blue, orange, grey

Graphite finishes resemble black stainless steel and create a unique modern feel

Bronze finishes create antique vibe

According to Style

  • Contemporary
  • Modern
  • European Vintage Style
  • Art Deco
  • Antique
  • Industrial
  • Rustic etc. and many more

Types of Light Fixtures According to Fixture Material

type of light fixtures-wall lights

GLASS -clear glass, colored glass, etched glass, frosted glass, polished glass

Different types of glass design capture the light and diffuse light very well. They create beautiful patterns on the walls.


Offers neutral styling creating a simple and elegant look.


Beautiful glass crystals create a shimmery glow to any room and offers a luxury feel


It offers an aesthetic appeal and a relaxing mood. Mostly preferred for bedrooms


Mostly suitable for modern and contemporary décor

Wood, resin, ceramic, etc.,

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