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Decorative Natural Stone Planters to Enhance Your Interiors

Natural Stone Planters! The name itself imbibes the pure natural quality of nature instead of artificial features. They enhance the interior spaces in an appealing as well as striking manner. They are available in various shapes and sizes with distinct finishes ranging from matte to glossy.

The fabrication of decorative stone planters is similar to the processing of stone flooring. The manufacturers acquire stones from stone quarries and process them into excellent finishes, shapes, and sizes with the help of machinery and tools.

Advantages of Natural Stone Planters

  • Variety of shapes – square, rectangular, round, etc.
  • Enhance interior spaces
  • Watertight
  • Weather-resistant
  • Long-lasting

Here we bring you details of Almost Stone brand that carves beautiful planters out of stone.

Almost Stone brings you an exclusive range of natural stone planters to reimagine your outdoors as well as indoor space, inspired by their dynamic and creative minds. Customers are the cornerstone of the business.

About the Designer

Ronak, who admires nature’s creations as well as what humans find beautiful and interesting can be made into shapes that can be a part of homes. He says -” My eyes are always on the lookout for strange and unusual colors, as well as stone I’ve never heard of or learned about at work. At Almost Stone, we will never let you down.”

Almost stone planters are perfect for an understated, mindful lifestyle. Their most admired collection is the Classico range and their unpretentious material is sandstone which, conveys a sense of peaceful tranquility to any space.

What is so special about the material?

It’s not just a machine-processed material; it’s a whole raw block scraped from the earth’s crust that’s all organic and soil-friendly thanks to minerals that work as plant stimulators.

Why these planters can overcome the Fiber containers craze?

The naturally occurring uncommon pattern in planters helps in spending better and will always be a statement piece in your projects that everyone talks about and will always be astonished by the Almost Stone shoppers. Obviously, you’re aware that natural stone has a sense of connection, a work of art with associated emotions, and it comes in a variety of natural variations and patterns.

Natural stone planters
Natural stone planters

Finishes and Styles

Different variations in distinct design styles complement the type of interiors you create. You can choose from the finishes and final creation so that it exactly fits your design style. For instance, rough and distressed finishes fit in for vintage and rustic style interiors. Coherent and plain, with glossy finishes, complement modern and contemporary décor, whereas ornamentation and curved features are suitable for a traditional and classic look. Whatever the design and style of the planters, the stone planters adorn the interiors in a welcoming manner.

You can reach out to them here – https://www.instagram.com/thealmoststone/

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