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How to Decorate your Interiors in Scandinavian Style

Do you want to create interiors on your own that are bright yet elegant as well as cozy? Do you also need a remarkable aesthetic appeal? To design such interior décor, the Scandinavian Style is an ideal solution that draws us like a magnet with pleasant vibes.

To understand how to decorate your interiors in Scandi style, you first need to understand what is all about this style and its features and elements. This article gives you an idea for-

  • What is a Scandinavian style?
  • Principal characteristics and Features
  • Elements of Scandinavian style décor that inspire!
  • Ideas and styling that draw our attention!

At the end of this post, you will find how to integrate your interiors with Scandinavian décor that balances aesthetics, comfort, and function and is environment-friendly.

What is a Scandinavian Style?

Scandinavia is a region in Northern Europe with its varied geography and climate. The history, culture, and lifestyle of local citizens have led to a design style that gradually developed to increase comfort and functionality. With the influence of local materials and lifestyle, modernism rose, which presents clean lines, minimal décor, and value to the craftsmanship. Emerging in the 1950s, this distinct style emerged as an elegant interior design expression widely used in European countries.

Scandinavian style

Image source : designcafe.com

Principal characteristics and Features of Scandinavian Style

To make it simpler to recollect, many of the features of the Scandinavian style are like modern style.

  • An aesthetic appeal of “Less is more”
  • Clutter free space
  • Simple and eco-friendly
  • Utilization of natural light
  • Focusses on function
  • Use of local wooden handcrafted furniture.

And more…

  • Simple designs, natural shapes, minimalist, focus on function, eco-friendly
  • Beauty, warmth, clutter-free, clean lines
  • Bright and cozy look, multifunctional furnishings
  • Natural light, large windows, connected to outdoors
  • Natural materials: carved and bare timber, leather
  • Fabric/textiles: cotton, linen, warm textiles such as wool or mohair, sheepskin throws
  • Flooring: mostly hardwood (light colors)
  • Furniture: wood and metal, modern touch with smooth edges, lightweight frames
  • Colors: neutral colors – white, black, grey with pops of green/blue/pink/metallic accents, walls-white
  • Natural elements -floral elements and fresh flowers
  • Décor: ceramics, glass vessels, wall art with abstract paintings
  • Details: elaborate moldings, paneling (often seen in older buildings)

Elements of Scandinavian Style Décor that Make Cozy Interiors:

1. Light Muted colors that add warmth.

Scandinavian color schemes include light, muted colors such as whites, greys, baby pink, blue accents, and mint greens. These colors not only increase brightness but also give a calming atmosphere. In this style frequently, we leave most walls white to highlight beautiful artwork and soft textures of furniture.

2. Soft textiles adding style

Textiles of Scandinavian décor are mostly wool or any other fabric similar to mohair. These are useful for cutting off the colder temperatures of Scandinavian regions. Cozy throws, blankets, and rugs provide you with the required warmth and comfort to stay in colder areas in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.

3. Natural Materials

Natural materials like wood–birch, pine, and other wood species accessible in those regions go well with the Scandinavian interior décor. Not only do these natural wood accents give a rustic look but also combine with soft textiles of fabric. The presence of natural materials with a union of comfy textiles gives us an instinctive and earthy feel.

4. Easy and simple patterns

Scandinavian interiors are quite known for their simple geometrical and natural patterns. Whether these patterns are for furnishings or for wall art-inspired décor, they amplify simplicity with no exaggeration. Light colors and simple patterns combine well, which gives a relaxed feel.

5. Furniture inspired by mid-century designers.

Designers from 1950 from Scandinavia regions have created unique designs that are not only functional but also innovative. Furniture designed by mid-century architects like Alvar Aalto has gained prominence and elated the concepts of furniture forms. Soft lines, wooden accents with a blend of balanced proportions, and simple patterns are unique features of Scandinavian design.

6. Natural as well as statement lighting.

The first prominent aspect is to consider natural lighting, which reduces the use of artificial lighting and the energy associated with it. Scandinavian lighting is notable for its clean, softer lines and edges, which focus on warm, diffuse, indirect lighting that is comfortable for the eyes rather than harsh, bright, and direct lighting.

7. Concept of “Less is more”.

A clutter-free space with clean lines with no hindrances, the use of minimal objects, and an open free floor area that maximizes functionality are the main characteristic features of Scandinavian interiors. The concept of “Less is more” gives an aesthetic appeal, provides additional functional spaces, maximizes brightness, and also requires less maintenance.

8. Artwork inspired by nature and fine craftmanship.

From the earlier 1930s to the 1950s, they gave significance to regional artisans for their unique artworks. Most of the design compositions feature the beautiful sceneries of nature, with mesmerizing views of the Norway region. 

Ideas and Styling that draw towards Scandinavian Décor:

Plan your spaces that balance the arrangement of furniture and storage areas, together with empty floor areas. Light-colored oak flooring adds warmth and a softer touch. Incorporating a darker color rug gives you more comfort while walking and provides a pleasing contrast to the floor. Bring in a combination of wall light sconces, ceiling lights, and chandeliers which are not only stylish and elegant but also serve the respective function.

1. Scandinavian living room ideas

  • Redefine your chosen furnishings that add comfort and bring in personality. You can even create your own furniture design with the help of local crafters, which also helps them economically.
  • If the room is big and you don’t want any partitions, then you can use the sofa as a division between living and dining/kitchen.
  • Include interesting statement art pieces for your gallery walls that add personality to your living room.

2. Bedroom Décor Ideas

  • Select bedroom furniture in a less is more approach. Simple design with clean lines with no headboards and side boards.
  • Light/white walls with wooden accents add rich texture and a combination of colored soft textile pillows are a great blend of color palate.
  • Include an antique element or furniture/ wooden fireplace/ that adds charm and coziness to your interior.

3. Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

  • Focus on the natural warm wood accents for the kitchen cabinetry and keep the hardware minimal or hidden.
  • Mid-century chairs and bar stools not only act as functional spaces but also give sculptural vibes.
  • Plan the kitchen island that has a minimalistic approach with flat cabinetry, optimum and plain wall cabinets, enough storage spaces to have an uncluttered look.

Today, Scandinavian styles are still more popular and are mixed with other famous interior design styles such as Boho-chic, rustic, farmhouse, industrial, classic French, etc. This integration of various styles creates a distinct look as well as complements each other.

So, are you ready to create your interiors with this beautiful Scandinavian style?

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