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The Definitive Guide to Design in Modern Style

Modern style Follows the principle-“Form follows function” .Its characteristics are Simplicity, Straight and clean lines with no extra details.

Modern style

Some of the Features of this Style are

-Follows the principle-“Form follows function”
-Simplicity, Straight and clean lines with no extra details
-Light and minimal textures, art in place of accessories
-Uncluttered spaces with smooth and artistic skill
-Windows and doors with no additional mouldings trims etc.,
-New reflective materials: metals like stainless steel, chrome, glass
-Exposed wood: structural beams, furniture, natural wood
-Minimalism: an integral part
-Use of bold accent colours; primary colours such as red, blue, green, monochromatic colours
-Furnishings: natural materials, natural fibres, and neutral colours
-Significance to natural light.


Modern style includes furniture with clean, crisp lines with a simple neutral color palette using different materials like wood, glass, metal, fabric, etc. Furniture is generally made using natural wood, and are upholstered with materials like leather, linen, etc. Cotton, microfiber also can go with this style. Natural materials and earthy colors favor this style. Furniture is used to differentiate different spaces.


  • White linen sectional sofa encasing wooden frame
  • Tulip chair
  • Natural wood open display shelf
  • Rectangular walnut table set with storage.


Natural fibers with smooth/textured finish with neutral colors or few shades of dark colors blend elegantly with modern style.


  • Chair with upholstery fabric of grey and textural finish
  • Grey muted colour sofa set
  • Throw blankets and Pillows-blue colour
  • Hand-Crafted throw pillow
  • Multi-coloured area rug

Flooring and Ceiling

Modern design style encompasses an open floor plan with ample natural ventilation with uncluttered spaces. Flooring in modern style doesn’t adhere to any single type of flooring. It is characterized by a large no. of design styles; often prefers wood and natural stone. The ceilings, windows, doors are often plain with no additional moldings or trim.


  • Italian marble flooring
  • Maple hardwood brown colour flooring


Modern style homes are organized with minimal accessories and decor to create uncluttered spaces.


  • Wall mount hanging glass cylinder decorative vase
  • Natural fibre throw pillow
  • Wall decor-abstract wall art
  • Succulent plants


Modern style lights fixtures feature different materials: metallic finishes such as brass, nickel, bronze, etc., glass, fabric materials with a combination of ceiling lights, sconces, and task lights with unique designs and creating patterns on walls offering an aesthetic appeal and relaxing mood. They also act as creating a focal point to the room.


  • Hanging clear crystal glass chandelier
  • Nickel chandelier with etched white glass shades.
  • Chrome integrated Led Pendant lights.

The Definitive guide to different interior design styles are


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