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8 Elements That Are Essential For Sturdy Terrace Gardens

The terrace garden is a small kind of a home garden on a terrace, rooftop, of an apartment, house, and various kinds of buildings. These gardens are very famous in populated areas and in many urban cities.


Advantages of Terrace Garden

  • The beauty of your home

A terrace garden enhances the flower of a terrace and rooftop and also improves the aesthetics of the house.

  • You can grow fruits, flowers, vegetables, and many other plants.
  • On a terrace garden, you can grow seasonal fruits and vegetables of your own choice.
  • Terrace garden produces full of nutrients, vegetation, and fruits.
  • Because we grow fruits in the terrace garden, we do not make them of any chemical ingredients.
  • Also, you can grow herbal plants in a terrace garden
  • By the terrace garden, you can change your home roof or terrace into a naturally fragrant and wild environment.
  • Even on hot summer days, the temperature of your room remains low because of the terrace garden.

Gratefully nowadays the way terrace gardens propagate across the countries.

Terrace Garden Elements

If you are planning for terrace gardening these ideas will help you to make a superior design of a terrace garden. We have the best idea for designing your terrace garden in a unique style.

If you are going to install a terrace garden on your roof and terrace the first thing you have to make sure that the surface of the roof or terrace is waterproof. When you water the plants, the moisture of water lives on the floor of the terrace every time, which is harmful to the floor.

Don’t worry, still, you can grow your terrace garden plants in containers, pots, and fabric bags.

Just take care that the pots and plastic bags do not leak.

1. Make a wish-list designate

When starting above all create a wish list for your terrace garden. Then don’t say that there were a mistake and damage.


Choose the correct furniture for dinner and entertainment according to the space of your terrace. The furniture that matches with terrace garden environment enhances the beauty of the terrace garden.

Due to being unnecessary space, it doesn’t be hard to walk on the roof.

Take care of water flow during the rains. Flower pots do not stop the route of the water in the rainy seasons.

2. Consider the soil of the terrace garden

Soil is the most important thing that helps the plants grow fast.

But you should not use only earth soil for your terrace garden.Otherwise, only earth soils do not benefit your plants.

Pure soil is hard, it is difficult for plants to grow on a pot or containers.

Fertilizer mixed soil and is essential for a good crop.

It is up to you to make good soil for yourself or buy it from the market.Or hire an expert who will make good clay for your terrace garden.

3. Focal Point

There are people around the terrace in everybody’s home.The focal point pulls the attention of the people.

If you want to care about your privacy, then grow large trees around the focal point on the terrace. Likewise, bamboo, tall shrubs,etc.

Terrace gardens

Or block your terrace with parasols and creepers for fencing your terrace.It helps to secure your privacy on the terrace when you are there with your family or close friends.

4. Grow different types of plants

Grow different types of plants small and medium, herbs and shrubs.Decorative plants vegetables and fruits.Creeper and climber flowers and plants like bitter gourd, snake gourd, and bottle gourd.

These are fast-growing and delicious vegetables at the dinner table.Grow tomatoes, tomatoes are a staple of every meal.

The aroma of mint makes the food delicious and the insects of the garden run away with its aroma.Also grow on your terrace garden ginger, tulsi, and greens.

Grow some large plants for shades.

Bring different types of attractive pots and keep them according to space.

The biggest benefit of the terrace garden is that you can grow your fruits and vegetables and use them in your daily routine.

5. Choose natural colors

Colors are important in every aspect of our lives.Life without color becomes unconscious.

Similarly, also take care of coloring the furniture, wall, and floor of the terrace garden.

Do not choose too many colors for walls and furniture, choose two or three natural colors.Like green, yellow, brown, and white.

If you like different colored things, you can decorate your garden’s furniture and pots with many colors. But it is better to use fewer colors for terrace gardens and use natural colors.

And yes, Choose the different colors of flower plants, containers, and pots for ornamentation of your terrace garden.

6. Lighting the terrace garden

Lights are also necessary for the garden as well as the colors. Lighting enhances the overall decoration of terrace gardens.

You can use different types of lights on terrace gardens, like rope lights, strip lights, string lights, and up lights.

7. Shading the terrace garden

Terrace Gardens
image source: designrulz.com

If you want to spend time on the terrace for outside view, relaxation, lunch and fresh air.On some terraces, shades are necessary to save yourself from direct sunlight harmful rays and to disappear yourself from the neighbors’ sides.

And also on an open terrace, you can relax under the shade and enjoy the fresh air and the scent of flowers.

It is your choice whether you want to shade the whole roof or your furniture.

Some plants also need shade to grow and cannot withstand extreme heat.

8. Watering and fertilizer the terrace garden plants

Life is not possible without water،plants also need water. Watering plants in a roof garden is very different from watering plants in a normal garden.On a terrace garden, you can give water to plants with the help of a drip irrigation system. On the terrace garden, you can give water to plants self-watering containers,And if you have time and don’t want to invest much money then you can give water to the plants in handy bottles.

Excessive watering of plants is also harmful. Give the plants watered as they need the water.

It is best to water the plants in the early morning or the late evening.

And especially in the rainy season, plants should not be watered.And also fertilizers are needed for plants to grow and bear good fruit.

There are many types of fertilizers in the markets.

Organic fertilizer:

Organic fertilizer is a  natural fertilizer made from animal waste and trees.

Inorganic fertilizer:

Inorganic fertilizer is made from a chemical that is rich in nutrients for plant growth.

If you have natural fertilizer available, use it. It is better for plant growth.And if not, then artificial fertilizer is fine for growing terrace gardens.


Gardens and orchards have always needed for humans.In the past, they were found everywhere.

But now they are not available to us due to the growing human population and lack of space.

The good news is that today we can grow gardens inside our homes and on roofs and terraces as much as we can afford.

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