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Outdoor Lights – Types – Light Fixtures

Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights are essential for safety and security, different activity areas and also to accent architectural features, porches, and patios, landscape elements, etc.

Proper selection, style, design of fixtures not only provide illumination but also enhances the outdoor spaces and provide a warm welcome into interiors.

There are many different types of light fixtures used, weatherproof lights are ideal for outdoor lighting.

Wall Lights

Light fixtures attached to the wall or vertical surface as support where the light is directed upwards/downwards/tilted.

Available in a variety of colors, materials, colors, styles, shades, etc.

They are used near entrance doors (mostly on each side of the door), walkways, patios, porches, garages, etc.

Wall lights are available in a variety of finishes like brass, bronze, chrome, copper, gold, silver, metallic, wrought iron, pewter, brushed nickel, white, etc.,

Sconce Type

Wall Lantern

Outdoor lights
  • Wall lanterns’ designs are similar to traditional lantern lights.
  • They are the most popular choice for enhancing and illuminating outdoor spaces.
  • Small lantern wall sconces are ideal for the coastal, farmhouse, industrial, rustic style homes.

Barn Lights

Outdoor lights
  • Barn lights are attractive, functional, and provide building outdoor space stylish and bright illumination.
  • Many of the barn lights are available in metal, aluminum, and galvanized finishes that are ideal for vintage, contemporary and industrial styles.

Armed Sconces

Outdoor lights
  • Armed sconces are unique as they feature a decorative arm that attaches to a base and fits in a variety of styles.
  • Few of them come with a swing arm, where they can swing in different directions.

Bulkhead Lights

Outdoor lights
  • These lights are protected by a cage-like surrounding the light bulb and lens.
  • Although used or various applications, bulkhead lights are mainly used in commercial and industrial purposes.

Mount Type

Flush Type

Flush with exterior wall.

Semi Flush Type

Light fixture is attached to an arm that connects to a plate.

Ex. barn lights, wall lanterns.

Fixture Material

These include fixture material like metal, aluminium, brass, ceramic, plastic, stainless steel, etc., and glass types.


Clear glass, colored glass, etched glass, frosted glass, textured, seeded glass.

Different types of glass design capture the light and diffuse light very well. They create beautiful patterns on the walls.

Metal, Aluminium, Brass, Plastic, Steel, Ceramic, etc.,

Metal offers neutral styling creating a simple and elegant look

Fixture Color/Finish

Bronze, brass, nickel, copper, copper, chrome, gold, black, white, metallic, pewter, etc.

Ceiling Lights and Hanging Lights

Ceiling lights/hanging lights are used for covered porches (entryway overhang), patios, decks, gazebo’s, etc.

Pendant Lights

Outdoor lights
  • Pendant lights hang from the ceiling with a single source of light by a cord/chain/metal rod.
  • There are plenty of variants depending on style, sizes, illumination, etc., are available in the market today


  • A chandelier is a type of hanging light from the ceiling with delicately carved branches and holding multiple bulbs.
  • Chandeliers provide aesthetic appeal and are very decorative.
  • Crystal and glass chandeliers enhance the lighting illumination and create beautiful patterns

Track Lights

Track lighting is where lighting fixtures are arranged on a track which brings power to them.

Flush Mount Lights

  • These fixtures lay flat or attached directly close to the ceiling.
  • Mostly suitable for low porches.

Landscape Lights

Landscaping lights are required not only for safety during nighttime but also add enhance home’s landscape, add beauty, charm, and elegance to outdoors.

There are various types of lights available as per design, shape, sizes, location, usage, features, etc.

Pathway lights

  • As the name suggests, pathway lights are ideal for pathways, walkways, etc.
  • Pathway lights add beauty and define walkways, give a warm welcome to guests and guide from gate to entrance door.

Landscape floodlights

  • Used for illuminating large areas of landscaping, driveways, etc. provide accent lighting and are ideal for heavy commercial and residential areas.
  • Also used for sporting events, outdoor concerts, plays, etc.,


  • A great way of highlighting or accent any feature of the landscape such as sculpture or plant/fountain in the landscape.

Well lights

  • Well lights are installed in the ground and cast light upwards.
  • They are used to accent any feature or plant.

Underwater lights

  • Designed for underwater use. Ideal for enhancing underwater features like small ponds while attracting marine life and hardscapes in water.
  • Ideal for enhancing underwater features like small ponds while attracting marine life and hardscapes in water.

Deck Lights

  • These include the deck, stair, rail, baluster lights and are ideal for illuminating pathways, decks, steps,, and other outdoor spaces as well as providing safety.
  • Clever use of lights in the deck and surrounding areas offer picturesque landscapes with added elegance.

Bollard Lights

  • Bollard lights are like vertical poles with a light source at top of the pole. They are ideal or pathways, driveways, where sufficient lighting is required as they offer 360-degree lighting.

Flag Pole Lights

  • Flag pole lights allow you to clamp it on any flag pole and to illuminate your flag.
  • They are available in solar lights, led, dusk to dawn, etc.,

Porch and Patio Lights

Post Lights

  • As the name implies, post lights are mounted on any post or pier. They add a beautiful focal point to the outdoors.
  • Ideal for entries, fences, pools, or any other outdoor spaces and are available with a variety of designs, styles, features, etc.,

String Lights

  • Electric lights are connected to a string/wire/cable with equal space in between.
  • Used in decorations for parties/weddings, get-togethers, lawns, and also for indoor schemes creating unique spaces.
  • These string lights add a perfect touch of ambiance and fun in semi-open spaces like porches, patios.,

Rope Lights

  • A light source is placed internally at every few inches in a long cylindrical tube. It gives a glowing or twinkling effect. The tube can be of any material.
  • Used for decorative applications both indoors and outdoors. Commonly used for fountains, decks, pathways, patios, stairs.

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