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30 Amazing And Creative Reuse DIY Ideas For Home Décor

Interior Decor can be enriched with a blend of Multiple Items and designing artworks that are unique and inspiring. Arts, Crafts, and Decorative objects are the final touches to any interior space. Without them, we can say that the room is incomplete! They enhance the aesthetic appeal of interiors.

Decor objects are a visual retreat and elevate the ambiance of a space.

Enjoy the beautiful Home Decor DIY’s made by “Mamta Asudani“- A self thought Artist.

DIY Ideas for home decor
A blend of flowers,painted planters,dolls candles adds focal point

A) Decorating Planters

  • Handmade concrete planters.
  • Upcycled planters made using Choppers, Rasgulla, and Oil containers.
  • Chyawanprash empty bottle turned into beautiful Owl planter by using M-seal and colors.
  • Blend of different DIYs.
  • Upcycled fairy house planter by using Amulspray milk powder tin.
  • Pots with vibrant colors.
  • Cone-shaped planters are created by using waste such as cardboard and painting them with vibrant colors.
  • Elephant DIY – upcycled with a plastic container and tissue rolls.
  • Upcycled planter.

B) Wall Hangings

  • Hanging shelf made with old wooden ply decorated with a fabulous painting on marble rolling board.
  • Madhubani Wall Hanging – Painted on MDF base and then embellished with Kundan and 3d outliners.
  • Owl wall hanging (made with cardboard, paper mache clay, acrylic colors, jute rope, beads, feathers, etc.) adds beauty to the room when hanged on either side of the door or a combination with other decorative objects.
  • Hanging planter
  • Wooden shelf with jute rope and a doll at the top.
DIY Ideas For Home Décor
Hanging shelf
DIY Ideas for home decor
Mabhubani painting
DIY Ideas For Home Décor
owl wall hanging
DIY Ideas For Home Décor
Hanging planter
DIY Ideas For Home Décor
Hanging wooden shelf with jute

C) Paintings

“That is, You (Lord Shri Banke Bihariji Maharaj) are the ocean of love; the cosmic beauty and eternal bliss of this ocean are so deep that nobody can measure it.

Customize work done for my client who has trust in me and asked me to paint Banke Bihariji on the wall plate.” Says Mamta.

Paintings on MDF base and articulated with decorative kundans.

DIY Ideas For Home Décor
DIY Ideas For Home Décor
DIY Ideas For Home Décor
DIY Ideas For Home Décor

Mamta adds – “This intricately detailed Pichwaii Art painting is a perfect addition to your home decor and beautifully depicts the significance of cows in Hindu Mythology!”

DIY Ideas For Home Décor

D) Mini Face Masks and Fridge Magnets

These Mini beautiful paintings that resemble face masks can be used as fridge magnets or gifts or can be combined with other decor items. Made with clay paper mache, colors, and decorative kundans of stone.

Kathakali Face mask
DIY Ideas For Home Décor

E) Stone Art Decor

Stone art decor – painting on stone depicting love and care of mother as Mother’s day special gift.

DIY Ideas For Home Décor

F) Small and Unique DIY Ideas For Home Decor

Display of objects/collections like hand-painted dolls, vases decorated with flowers, decorated holders, handcrafted wall hangings, all add beauty and depth to your living room. Sometimes small and simple; yet loving and attractive decorative collections add visual attention to living rooms.

These small art pieces can be used in combination with other art pieces and showcases can be filled.

  • Pretty DIY horses (using cardboard and paints to decor tables
  • Art work on jute bag (painting of two lovely twin birds)
  • Decorative tissue paper holder
  • Kangaroo DIY
  • Table decor with distinct crafts
  • Rajasthani style clay art pieces
DIY Ideas For Home Décor
Pretty DIY horses to decor tables

Art work on Jute bag
Decorative tissue paper holder

Plastic upcycling can be turned into beautiful art pieces with the reuse of Empty bottle, colors and turning it into Kangaroo DIY.

Kangaroo DIY

Flower vase and frame out of paper rose flowers. A combination of flower vases, wall hanging, frames, candles, and small crafts made an amazing table decor.

Table decor with distinct crafts
Rajasthani style clay art pieces

Hope these little and beautiful art creations will inspire you and give it a try.

Another upcycling home decor Ideas


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