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11 Beautiful Upcycling Home Decor Ideas

Creative reuse of waste materials not only turns into beautiful artworks but also adds to the environmental value. The end product creates a cleaner, visually appealing, and functional that has a great material value.

Here are few beautiful and amazing Up-cycling Home Décor Ideas by ‘Mrs.Nimmi Chengapa.’

In her words -“Talking of upcycling, I do a lot. I never let anything go to waste. It even applies to food. Here are a few of my projects over time.”

1.Gnome home

Here is a mini gnome home I built for the garden. I had the gnomes and wanted to give them a home. It’s just a slice of a tree lying around, which I stuck on old coasters that come with table mats. These coasters never get used. To frame the coasters, I used popsicle sticks collected every time we had ice cream.

Home Decor

2.Metal Art Home Decor

This metal art work is at my entrance. I leave it to you all to guess what it is.??? Here’s a game!

It is made with the leftover iron pieces we had while doing the concrete reinforcements for building our home.

3.Ladybug Crossing

Here is a ladybug crossing made for my garden with slices of wood. Ladybugs are pebbles. The mushrooms are the filters thrown away after each usage from the water filter.

4.Pot Decor

Below is a mini pot decor made from car parts such as spark plugs and metal washers.

5.Corner Table Home Decor Ideas

This is just a corner table decor made with pebbles and a driftwood I found. My owl family!

Home Decor

6.Log as Side Table

Here’s a log lying around. Found old tiles broke with a hammer and made a mosaic design that they act as side tables.

Home decor ideas
Home Decor
Home Decor

7.Tree Slice as Corner Home Decor

Home decor ideas

Another tree slice with shells that were part of a candle holder that had aged. Washed the shells and reused.

Another home decor ideas like slice of wood with beads sitting in my cupboard.

Home Decor

Pebbles and Wood

8.Wood Slices as a Wall Hanging

9.Old Bookshelf Door as Wall Decor

10.Fairy house with throw away filters

11.TIC-TAC-TOE Board with pebbles and wood slice.

Made this for my grandchildren. A TIC-TAC-TOE BOARD with pebbles and wood slice.

Do you like these? Turn the waste materials into beautiful art pieces found in your room in your leisure time.

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