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15 Design Ideas To Combine Your Dining And Living Room

Have you noticed how designers incorporate open floor plans while designing studio apartments? Apart from that, the combination of dining and living rooms has also been a go-to option for many household owners for multiple reasons. Open floor layouts combine the dining and living room by excluding walls in the interior space. It allows them to utilize the space more freely. Combining the rooms under one area also enables lively communication, participation, and social interaction.

However, combining the dining and living room is difficult unless you follow some guidelines. So, follow this article and understand how to design a dining cum living room. 

15 Ideas to Combine Living and Dining

Match The Furniture Pieces

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Image source: livspace.com

Start with an easy process to combine the dining and living room before applying a complicated process. This strategy is affordable and easy to execute. Buy some chairs, tables, and a sofa for both areas. Choose them in matching colors and designs to connect the zones. Do not place any partitions. It will make the room look spacious and cozy.

Break The Monotony With Contrasting Patterns

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Image source: livspace.com

Choosing contrasting fabric patterns or designs to upholster or accentuate the furniture pieces is a step ahead of the usual simplicity. It creates visual interest and accentuates the entire space. You can also mix and match furniture pieces to combine the dining and living room into a cohesive space.

Maintain the Color Scheme

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Image source: home-designing.com

Go ahead with a color scheme and maintain it to combine the dining and living room. You can also combine complementary colors like blue and peach, lavender and teal, or grey and green. Apart from walls, incorporate the colors into the sofa, pillows, or curtains. It will create a seamless feeling between the living room, dining, and kitchen and tie everything together.

Choose Neutral Hues

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Image source: thearchitectsdiary.com

Combine the dining and living rooms by choosing a neutral color scheme. For example, the neutral tones of white and beige will make the room feel more airy and open. Adding soft lighting and an accent wall will give depth to the space.

Layer Area Rugs

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Image source: livspace.com

Layering area rugs or carpets is one of the most practical ways to combine the dining and living room. An area rug helps define the living and dining areas separately in a cohesive space. It also adds texture and a touch of elegance. So, layer carpets below the sofa and the dining table to connect the zones.

Try Minimalistic Design

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Image source: home-designing.com

Incorporating minimalist design is a cheat code to combine the dining and living room together. It is sleek and clutter-free. Remember, clean lines in furniture, cabinetry, and window treatments will give the room a sophisticated look. For instance, pair a sectional sofa with a minimalist dining set while leaving some space for circulation. 

Introduce an L-shaped Sofa

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Image source: Houzz. in

Introduce an L-shaped sofa in the living area to create an interactive conversation zone with the dining space. You can position the L-shaped sofa along one wall and the dining table in the opposite direction. It will allow seamless circulation and integrate the entire area. You can also place two L-shaped sofas back to back, where one sofa serves the living area and the other functions as the dining space.

Go with Similar Flooring and Ceiling

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Image source: home-designing.com

Opt for a uniform ceiling design and similar flooring to connect the living and dining areas. For instance, opt for wooden flooring and a coffered ceiling design to draw the eye. It will make the space uniform and create visual harmony.

Incorporate Large Windows

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Image source: home-designing.com

Incorporating large windows in a dining cum living room is a brilliant way to elevate this arrangement. It will allow natural light to flow while making the interior space airy. It will also give an open-air feeling.

Opt for Scandinavian Design

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Image source: home-designing.com

Minimalist and modern are not the only design styles to combine the dining and living room. Use Scandinavian-style chairs, antique lighting, and hardwood flooring in a herringbone pattern to make the space feel luxurious.

Go for a Back-to-Back Set-up

Image source: designcafe.com

Opt for a back-to-back arrangement to combine the dining and living room. For instance, position the anchor sofa in the living area away from the dining area. It will increase visual interest yet keep the roominess intact.

Use Lights Cleverly

Image source: home-designing.com

Apart from illuminating, lighting can also help combine the dining and living room. So, choose light fixtures that accentuate the space and place them cleverly. For instance, pendant lights are excellent for dining areas. Similarly, a modern chandelier will complement the living room set-up.

Use Wall Accessories

Image source: home-designing.com

Use wall accessories and window drapery to combine the dining and living room. Large floor-to-ceiling open shelves or vertical cabinets alongside the living area are also a clever way to add storage. All these elements accentuate the space and create visual interest.

Make the Ceiling Attractive

Image source: home-designing.com

You can also combine the dining and living room by making the ceiling attractive. So, paint the ceiling in contrasting colors, introduce intricate panels, or add medallions. It will give the room a unique finish, draw the eye upward, and make it feel roomier.

Add a Botanical Touch

Image source: home-designing.com

Add a few touches of greenery in the form of potted plants or mini-hanging gardens. It will make the dining cum living area feel lively, welcoming, and complete. You can also incorporate a green partition wall with climbing plants to segregate the area.


A combined living and dining area has become a crucial element of studio apartments, compact homes, and houses with open layouts. It serves the function of both rooms while ensuring minimum wastage of space. Therefore, you must integrate the decor ideas skillfully to give them a cohesive look.

By Sreyoshi Dhali

While finding her solace in silence and everything mundane, Shreyosi prefers to untangle the chaos inside her head and makes an effort to paint scenarios with words that keep her awake at night.

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