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Points to Consider While Lighting the Dining Room/Space

The dining room is the place where the entire family gathers together for dining, spending ample time with each other, entertaining guests, and it is essential to properly lit the room with sufficient illumination to create a lively and bright atmosphere.

lighting the dining room

Points to be Considered While Lighting the Dining Room

While lighting the dining room, there are few important things to consider in the design stage so that the user does not find it difficult while working.

1.Space Planning

Space planning, placement of furniture, wall color, finishes, fabrics, locations of windows, doors, wall décor – each and every aspect of the design is to be considered while lighting the room.

In many of the designs, the dining room is not separately placed, it is combined with either a living room or kitchen.

It is advisable to plan the lighting design at the time of space planning itself so the electrical wiring is in place accordingly.

2.Artificial Lighting

Practical needs in the absence of natural light, safety, security-all these aspects create the need for Artificial lighting. Artificial light fixtures also form a part of home décor. A careful selection of fixtures is to done to provide sufficient brightness so that no corner is left dark.

Lights should be energy-efficient, long-lasting with little maintenance.

3.Placement and Type of Fixtures

The placement of lights depends on space planning and placement of furniture. If the dining is combined with living, then ceiling lights provide general lighting.

In addition to the ceiling lights, Scones add up extra brightness to the room and also create an inviting atmosphere.

If ample floor place is there, then floor lamps also work in a great way.

Pendant lights and chandeliers appear elegant, create emphasis, acts as a focal point, and are decorative creating beautiful lighting displays. Pendant lights are usually hung between 28″ to 36″ above a countertop or dining table surface.

You can use spotlights or track lights to highlight a painting/ wall décor/artifacts.

Fixed, recessed, hanging lights, task lights -a combination of lights can be used to break the monotony and ample illumination.

4.Fixture – Power and Features

The wattage required, color temperature is to be taken into consideration while choosing lamps.

Lighting features like dimmable/motion sensor/adjustable hanging length is to be chosen according to the brightness required and user requirement.

Consider the color/finish of fixture, the color of light it emits, and reflects on the walls, effects of patterns on the walls.

5.Fixture – Size

The size and shape of the fixture depend on the size and shape of the room and dining table. The hanging from the ceiling should not too lengthy to touch heads while seating or too low to lack brightness.

The size, scale, and shape of the fixture to be complemented with the shape of the dining table.

A single chandelier or a combination of 3 pendant lights is ideal to hang over a simple rectangle 6 seater dining table.


Another important point to be considered is the fixture material. There are different types and many fixtures are made with a combination of different materials.

Different materials create different effects, mood, and vibe while lighting the dining room. For ex., glass captures the light and diffuse light creating beautiful patterns on the walls, metal offers neutral styling creating a simple, elegant, industrial look.

A combination of materials creates an even more sophisticated and aesthetic appeal.

7.Style and Design

The design and style of the lamp have to be chosen according to the interior décor style of the dining room. There are different styles available to suit different styles of the room.

Many of the lamp’s style suits two or more indoor décor styles of the room. For ex., if a rustic style lamp is chosen then it can be suited to farmhouse, bohemian, cottage styles too!

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