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10 Unique Ways to Embrace Industrial Decor and Make Your Home Cozier

Do you like stripped-down interiors with functional furniture and sleek designs that are not over the top? Then, you may try out industrial-style designs for your interiors.

Industrial-style design is a perfect amalgamation of form and function. It brings various design styles like rustic, mid-century, modern, and minimalistic to create something ethereal. This style takes inspiration from crude and concealed factory elements like wiring, ducting, etc. For this reason, the popularity of industrial-style design has expanded from commercial workspaces to residential spaces.

There is a common misconception that industrial-style design tends to be grim and intense. While it may appear stark, you can flaunt your industrial-style decor with correct furnishing and lighting. To help you with the process, we have listed ten industrial-style decor ideas to make your interiors cozy and inviting. 

10 Industrial Style Design Ideas

1. Embrace The Neutral Palette

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Image source: designboom.com

The industrial-style design embraces a soft palette of neutral colors that usually avoid glossy white elements. You will witness blacks, browns, and grays making up the foundation. So, use warm earthy tones like tan and brown to render a soothing touch. Similarly, use different shades of black to achieve a bold look.

2. Strip Down The Walls

Those days are gone when people considered bare concrete or brick walls ugly. Because combining rugged and unplastered finishes with chic is everything about an ideal industrial design!

Image source: hackrea.com

Exposed brick and concrete walls are the backbones of industrial-style design because they bear witness to the history of the walls. It also brings charm and big-character energy with every stain, crack, and weathering.

3. Retain the Open Layout

Image source: home-designing.com

Urban lofts have returned because the new generation is leaning towards minimalistic design. And one of the best parts of such lofts is their open floor layout. The industrial-style design feels forced when you lack an open plan. So, connect your dining room and kitchen with the living room and make your interior look spacious.

4. Dazzle The Vents And Ducts

You may sometimes face difficulty adorning or filling up your interior space with an open layout. It includes how you take care of bare vents, dirty pipelines, and ugly ductwork. 

Image source: peachythemagazine.com

In such cases, you can paint them in vibrant or metallic colors to make your walls and ceilings more interesting. Although steel or matte black has always been a favorite, you can highlight the vents and pipes in stunning shades of yellow, red, or green.

5. Accessorize With Salvaged Wood

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Image source: foyr.com

Repurposed wood is the cheat code for enhancing industrial-style interiors. The distinct rings, visible knots, and rough textures of distressed wood offer an industrial chic and ecological touch. You do not need to match the color of every wooden furnishing because the variation of colors will add a cozy feel. But make sure that the salvaged wood you intend to use is well-treated and free of infestation. 

6. Focus On Your Floor

Did you know that poured concrete flooring is a traditional element of industrial-style design? It is a practical and nominal design choice that grabs attention automatically. Do not worry about its flaws, dents, patches, and coarseness because they breathe life into the design. 

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Image source: foyr.com

You can also use raw stone, wooden, or faux flooring. But make sure that the material has to be resilient, robust, and an ideal alternative to its natural counterpart.

7. Implement Crittall Doors And Windows

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Image source: foyr.com

Crittall-style doors and windows are a cheat code for enhancing industrial-style interiors. Crittalls have become compatible with this design trend because of their metal-grid structure with glass panels. The best part about these doors and windows is that they open up the stuffy feeling and allow sunlight to pour in.

8. Give It a Metallic Shimmer

No industrial-style design is complete without a metallic finish. You can choose anything from an endless list of brass, copper, bronze, gold, chrome, silver, wrought iron, and various other alloys. 

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Image source: foyr.com

Textures also play a crucial role. You can achieve a modern outlook with polished metals. Similarly, beaten, brushed, or matte metal will add a vintage charm.

9. Light It Up Warehouse-Style

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Image source: followtheyellowbrickhome.com

Illumination plays a vital role in accentuating an interior space. So, choose lights that will help you achieve a raw factory feel. You can hang Edison bulbs, task lamps, pendant lights, or sculptural LED fixtures to illuminate your space. But make sure to find the right size and type of lamp that fits into your industrial-style interior.

10. Finish It With Personal Touches

Image source: i.pinimg.com

You may come across recommendations to stick to minimal furnishings and decor to incorporate industrial-style design. But that does not mean you must keep your interiors free of comfortable furniture or decorative items. Remember, your interior design will lack a sense of belonging if you do not add to your personal touch. So, introduce artwork, rugs, cushions, plants, and other decorative pieces to accentuate the industrial look. You can also refurbish old pipes, fittings, and vintage items from flea markets into something new.


Let us be truthful: not everyone will be impressed by the lack of glam in an industrial-style interior. So, do not skimp out on ideas while undertaking this complex interior design trend. After all, it is your responsibility as a designer to convince your clients and allow them to experiment freely.

By Sreyoshi Dhali

While finding her solace in silence and everything mundane, Shreyosi prefers to untangle the chaos inside her head and makes an effort to paint scenarios with words that keep her awake at night.

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