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Wooden Partitions-10 Unique Ways on How You Can Use Wood As Partitions

One of the most striking and unique features of Wooden Partitions is that it carries nature’s fingerprint and no two wood species are the same/similar.

Solid wood with traditional craftsmanship enhances the aesthetics and also can blend with different design styles varying from traditional to contemporary.

Wood studs are placed vertically at intervals (usually 16 or 24″) and attached to a top plate and a bottom runner. The studs provide support for sheets of finish materials to be applied. These frame walls were formerly surfaced with wood lath strips, and wet plaster was applied in several coats. but today they are replaced with gypsum wallboards.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood Partitions


  • They are lightweight and are easy to construct
  • Natural and earthy appearance
  • Wood adapts to various residential, commercial, corporate, and hospitality environments.


  • Wood partitions are not fire-resistant
  • Wood is prone to termite attacks
  • Not suitable for damp locations

Materials Used For Wooden Partitions

  • Solid wood :
  • It is made from a single piece of hardwood species. It is 100% natural wood. Machined or cut and available in various styles, finishes, and sizes. Offers an elegant and luxurious appearance. Adds character to any room.
  • Engineered wood:
  • Engineered wood is made from planks that are made from different layers of wood top layer being hardwood species bonded to other layers.
  • Composites such as WPC(wood-plastic composites):
  • A type of composite material made of wood fiber and thermoplastics.
  • Bamboo:
  • Bamboo is made of cut and laminated bamboo glued together to form individual planks. It is a highly Renewable resource as well as a sustainable resource.
  • Chipboard, Fiberboard, Blockboard, Plywood, Reclaimed wood, etc.
  • https://thearchspace.com/paneling-engineered-wood-types/

Wood Types and Species

There are different types of wood species available today. Oak, Walnut, Beech, Maple, Teak, Cherry, Mahogany, etc., and many more depending on the availability and region to region.

Types of Wooden Partitions

Partitions can be of different types:

  • Fixed
  • Removable
  • Sliding
  • Folding
  • Mobile
  • Wall hung
  • Rotating on a central pivot
wooden partition
Fixed Partition
Image source : ofdesign.net
Movable Partition movablepartitionwalls.co

Sliding and Stacking archiexpo.com

Folding Partition
Mobile/Portable Partitions India Mart.com

Rotating on a central Pivottotalacousticsolutions.in

How Wood can be used as a Partition

1. Wooden Partitions as Shelves with Horizontal and Vertical Boards.

Shelves open from both sides or one side which is useful for books or displaying artifacts.

wooden partitions

2. Vertical Slats and Horizontally arranged in a Row

Wood boards that are tall and thin can also be arranged in a wavy pattern creating attractive visual effects.

wooden partitions
wooden partition

3. Perforated and Decorative Panels:

Customized design with perforations that allow light inside and stand as a focal point.


4. Decorative Screen Partitions/Folding Panels

Folding panels vary from a 2-panel partition to an 8-panel partitions.

These are free-standing wooden panels featuring vintage or traditional style designs.

wooden partition

5. Blending with other Materials

Wood and Glass partitions

Metal and wood partitions

wood and glass partitions archiexpo.com

wooden partition
wood and metal partitions pinterest.com

6. Modular/flowing Wall Panels

Designs with organic forms of modular. These are ideal for contemporary spaces where a visual barrier is not significant in residential and commercial spaces.


7. Screenprinting on lacquered wood

Silkscreen printing on lacquered wood surfaces. Ideal for modern décor and those who crave fashion and art.


8. Blocks/modules

Wooden planks/boards are available with specific sizes for installation using screws and hooks.


9. Just Bamboo!

Raw Bamboo creates a serene nature effect within indoors without the use of any construction methods. It is very easy to install and preferred in places where visual privacy is not a barrier.


10. Vertical Green walls

Add Greenery with the help of vertical green walls to create a beautiful visual appearance and pleasant atmosphere. Plants cool the indoor atmosphere and reduce stress for the users.

wooden partition

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