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Virtual Renovation Photos: A Rising Trend to Sell Properties Faster

Home sellers & real estate agents often use high-quality and edited photos to create buzz, generate leads, and boost sales. Through images showing well-staged rooms, they highlight the best assets of their listings. This is called the virtual staging method and is regarded as a useful and impactful real estate marketing scheme. 

However, at times, simply sharing enticing pictures of a house is not enough, and real estate agents have to up their game to generate more leads. Hence, comes virtually renovated photos that have proven their worth and effectiveness over time. These images show the potential of a unit. 

Let’s dive deeper into the concept of virtual renovation photos and its benefits for buyers and sellers:

Image source: boxbrownie.com

Virtual Renovation Photos – An Introduction

Taking the concept of virtual staging up a notch, virtual renovation photos use 3D designs to edit and refine images, adding ‘virtual objects’ like furniture and fixtures to them. A professional photographer shoots pictures of a home from inside and outside, from different angles, and a virtual artist creates realistic images in 2D or 3D models through a computer program. The aim is to show the potential of the listing, once it’s decked up properly. 

Virtual renovation doesn’t tell prospects how to design a home but helps them visualize the renovations. It focuses on how beautiful the home can look once it is decorated in the right manner.

Common Virtual Fixes to Know

The most compelling areas of a house for buyers are the kitchen and bathroom. Hence, remodeling these two sections of a unit is quite common during virtual renovation. Also, prospects may find it difficult to visualize how the kitchen or bathroom interior can brighten up the whole space. Therefore, virtual fixes help them explore new possibilities and imagine the entire unit without actually seeing it.

Virtual artists can try two to three alternates while remodeling photos to give different perspectives to buyers. 

Benefits of Virtual Renovation

There is no denying that virtual renovation is an effective tool to sell properties and generate leads. It eliminates the guesswork for buyers regarding how the space will look with furniture and proper interior and turn their imagination into a reality. Real estate agents can not only use them for online listings but can place posters of virtually renovated homes at those properties. So, when prospects visit the place, they can see a feasible and reimagined version of that specific unit. 

The following listed facts prove the effectiveness of virtual renovation photos:

1. Allows Buyers to Decide and Evaluate Budget

Your job is not just restricted to selling a property. You need to step ahead and make homebuyers aware of all the aspects related to buying a unit. With virtual renovation photos, you convey to them the expected expenses to design a place. Based on their budget, they can assess their choices and make informed decisions. Moreover, this ensures transparency throughout the buying-selling process, which adds to your brand image. 

2. Strengthens Your Credibility

As we started, renovated photos make the entire deal transparent and contribute to your image. Many agents already use this tool to build their brand credibility while dealing with buyers. It tells them that you are not hiding anything, and they can rely on you. Also, it is also beneficial in property management as it allows landlords to share the repairs people might have to do once they buy the property and the amount they might need to shell out. Needless to say that this strengthens your partnership with prospects and contributes to your goodwill. 

3. Helps People Buy their Dream Homes

Buying a new home does not come cheap. Hence, many people prefer the next best alternative, which is to get properties that need repairs and fixes. Virtually renovated homes give them a clear idea of how much they have to invest to convert a unit into their dream home. This comes in handy when you work with buyers with tight budgets as you help them save sufficient money even after all the renovations.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, virtual renovation is a great marketing technique. It allows better visualization of a listing and makes renovation hassle-free. However, make sure that you don’t mislead buyers through these remodeled photos and disclose all the aspects and conditions before making the deal. Clarify all the terms and share all the requirements buyers would need to fulfill to get their renovation plans approved. This will avoid any future conflicts and establish you as a credible agent.

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