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How to Decorate Transitional Style in an Inviting Way

Transitional Style is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles to create a cohesive design.

Transitional style

Some of the Features of this Style are

-Blend of traditional and contemporary styles to create a cohesive design

-Balance of two styles with hues, furnishings, materials, decorative elements, etc.,

-Simple ornamentation and decoration with minimum accessories.

-Focus on comfort and practicality, straight and round profiles

-Materials: stone, wood, glass, steel, fabric, ceramic

-Color: neutral colors, tonal colors (different shades of the same color), dark hues

-Furniture: classic shapes with less ornamentation, curves combine with straight lines

-Floors: Tiles, light hardwood floors, rugs

-Fabrics/textiles: cotton, corduroy, chenille, suede

-Textures: a balanced mix of several textures and different patterns

-Décor: colorful matching accessories, cushions, metallic accents


Furniture is molded with a combination of traditional and modern materials such as wood, glass, metal featuring less ornamentation creating a unique style. The curves of traditional style combine with straight lines of modern style with a balanced mix of textures and patterns. They are upholstered with materials like cotton, corduroy, chenille, sede, etc. Cushions and throw pillows are adored with matching colors.


  • Accent Chair with a low profile and swoop arm
  • Modern sloped arm style sofa set
  • Engineered wood geometric writing desk
  • Solid wood round coffee table


In this style, a unique fusion of classic and contemporary styles creates a visual sense of dimension. Balanced mix of several textures with materials like cotton, corduroy, chenille, sede, etc. and use of different patterns and colors blend elegantly in transitional style.


Chair with upholstery fabric of grey and textural finish

  • Chair with upholstery fabric of grey and textural finish
  • Throw blankets and Pillows-blue color
  • Cotton lumber trellis and ikat pattern throw pillows
  • floral pattern area rug

Flooring and Ceiling

Transitional style homes favor different flooring designs and materials such as light hardwood, stone, tiles, etc. in planks/panels in various colors and patterns and the ceilings with exposed wooden beams or in straight lines or curved shapes with clear and minimal details exhibiting classic/contemporary approach.


  • Hand scraped grey color oak flooring
  • limestone flooring
  • vitrified tile flooring

Decor in Transitional Style

Transitional style homes décor exhibits simple décor with minimal accessories and less ornamentation with matching accessories and metal accents.


  • Metal finish and glass candle holders
  • Metal frame accent wall mirror
  • Wood tray sets
  • Indoor plants and succulents


Innumerable varieties of light fixtures suit this style as it is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles. Transitional style lights feature traditional finishes like wood, metallic finishes such as brass, bronze, wrought iron, etc., contemporary designs, or a combination of both.


  • Metal and crystal candle style chandelier
  • Hand molded antlers with texture and detail
  • Metal lantern wall sconce

The Definitive guide to different interior design styles are


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