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This Beautiful Apartment is a Blend of Different Textures

One of the beautiful apartment interior design ideas where you can get inspired from the décor by Shivani Muduganti, an art enthusiast; located in USA North Carolina, Charlotte. It’s 5bhk with one bedroom on main floor and 4 bedrooms on upper floor.


White shades of wall mount hanging planters on one side and a console table with small statues of copper lamps welcomes you into the interior of the apartment. A handwoven natural jute plant basket sits on one side of the staircase with its unique and rustic appearance. Each step of the staircase is decorated with single planters bringing freshness as we go towards the first floor. On the other side of the staircase is a console table is painted with blue chalk paint that pop up the room.

apartment interior design ideas

Living Room

One side of the Living room is decorated with a swing chair and Mexican wall décor round plates above the seating with Mexican paintings. This Mexican style with excellent craftmanship is a treat to our eyes with a blend of colors and ornament. It brings joy, happiness, and positivity. The corner of the room is adorned with a stylish hammock swing chair with a macramé net pattern and a creeper plant surrounding it. A perfect place to sit and relax near window glazing outside while reading a book/magazine/enjoying nature; listening to the outside rain/bird chirping etc.

The other side of the room is filled with small plants layering themselves on a vertical stand. Plants such as Pothos, Monstera, Areca Palm, English ivy, crotons, Florida beauty, Snake plant, Peace Lily, Dracaena, Succulent, Camille, Sanderiana, Frankie, Superba,etc. fill the space with greenery with a calm and serene atmosphere.

A colorful textured and resilient floor rug with versatile pattern covers the floor that adds comfort to the foot and child playing on it.

Children’s Room

The children’s room wall is painted black to use as a chalk board so that kids can have some fun while playing ,drawing and writing.

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