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The Mars House

Mars House designed in May 2020 by Artist Krista Kim, has become the first digital home sold on non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace in the world. NFT is a kind of a virtual certificate of ownership and allows creators’ digital artworks to be collected, sold, and resold. The items bought through NFT can be in different forms like jpegs, gifs, and even Tweets. Mars House -which went on sale on Superrare- was acquired for 288 Ether, a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin (the equivalent of $512,000). 😲😲

                 The project, named Mars House, was designed in May 2020 and the house was entirely created as a 3D digital file rendered in Unreal Engine which is software commonly used to create video games.

During this pandemic the Krista Kim is inspired to create a healing atmosphere using her Digital Zen philosophy. Home basically is home that has LED substrates for the entire celling, walls and floor. All of the furniture elements are designed with tempered glass and fabrics, with renewable material. Colorfully-hued gradients made by the artist cover the floor and ceiling.

                  The house is designed during the first wave of COVID-19 lockdowns, Mar House explores the idea that screens can be used as digital instruments of well-being. She believes that in the future our homes can heal with the power of art and technology.

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  • Sayali Potdar

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