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Spa Bathroom Ideas – 7 Tips to Create a Luxurious Look

A spa is where you can relax, rejuvenate, and pamper yourself. And a major part of why you feel this way comes from the serene environment it holds.

But is a spa the only place to loosen up and calm your mind? No!

Even your bathroom can become a replica of a spa when executed correctly. Here are seven fascinating spa bathroom ideas to turn your bathroom into a luxurious retreat.

Spa Bathroom Ideas
Spa-like Bathroom

1. Bring Marble In

The alluring marble stone has been a timeless interior design element. Whether you’re inclined more towards a traditional aesthetic or a modern-looking home, marble can bring elegance to any corner of the room. So, why exclude this natural stone when talking about a luxurious bathroom? This durable metamorphic rock can endure just about any wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for your bathroom space! Plus, there are so many marble colors to explore.

Spa Bathroom Ideas
Spa-like Bathroom

2. Go for Calming Colours

Colors can make or break the vibe you want for your luxury bathroom. Spas usually have a calming color scheme that creates a tranquil environment. To achieve this in your bathroom, go for warmer or neutral colors like white, sky blue, seafoam green, or off-white. Avoid bold colors like orange, blue, or black.

3. Install a Bathtub or Walk-in Shower

Bathtubs can instantly transform an ordinary space into a spa-like paradise. Having this in your luxury bathroom allows for peaceful moments of self-care, helping you unwind after long days and rejuvenate during stressful times.

Another spa bathroom idea you can explore is a walk-in shower. With modern designs, walk-in showers look beautiful and provide an exceptional showering experience. From rain shower heads and body sprays to luxurious steam features, you can have all the elements necessary for a pampered spa experience in your own bathroom.

4. Use a Light Dimmer

Lighting is an important element in any space, and bathrooms are no exception. By installing light dimmers, you can adjust your bathroom’s brightness to suit your needs and create a relaxing atmosphere. Dimmed lighting sets the perfect ambiance for crafting a luxury bathroom.

5. Declutter the Space

Spas are where you can unwind your stress and relax. One of its main elements is the mess-free space. To achieve that in your luxury bathroom, declutter it. Get rid of the old shampoo bottles and unused or expired products, and restock them according to your priorities. Only keep the open storage space for products you use daily and leave the lesser-used products inside baskets, drawers, or cabinets.

6. Incorporate Plants

You can use potted houseplants on the bathroom surface or countertop or hang a pot plant from the ceiling. However, if you are going for natural plants, choose the ones that can withstand a humid temperature. You can even have faux plants if you can’t take care of the natural ones or include succulents to make the place look vibrant.

7. Use the Power of Candles

Candles can quickly transform a space from mundane to luxurious, with just a few simple steps. Soft lighting from flickering flames creates a calming effect, while the scent of your favorite candle infuses its aromas into the air for an added sensory experience. Candles can be used on countertops or shelves, placed around freestanding tubs, or scattered around sinks — either way, they will make your bathroom look more inviting!

Make it Unique!

A bathroom is not just another space in your home. It’s your sanctuary where you can unwind your stress and calm your nerves. You can lock worries of the world outside this space and make it a place of retreat. Hence, you have every right to turn an ordinary bathroom into a luxury oasis, so incorporate these spa-like bathroom ideas to make it unique!

By Aparna Rao

Aparna Rao has a great passion for interior design and decor. She works as a content marketer for Stonex India, a leading marble manufacturer. Her extensive knowledge of different types of stones as well as interior design is what makes her content stand apart and is appreciated by her readers. Through her content, she also offers creative, innovative, and effective design and decor solutions.

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