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A Quick Start Guide to Design in Shabby Chic Style

Shabby Chic style is a combination of vintage style and new decor with light and airy atmosphere and relaxed feel.

shabby chic style

Some of the features of this Style are

-Combination of vintage and new décor

-Light and airy atmosphere, relaxed feel

-Elegance and comfort, boasting feminine style

-Simple and uncluttered, balanced mix of old and new materials and textures

-Minimal colors with added details and texture

-Antique furniture, florals, vintage décor, pastel colors, painted items

-Materials: natural materials, distressed wood, leather, lace

-Colors: soft and neutral colors, pastel colors like light pink, light blue, lavender

-Furniture: rustic furniture with soft and comfy upholstery fabric

-Fabric/textiles: soft and comfortable fabric like cotton and linen

-Décor: vintage décor, a mix of old and new, lace, vases with flowers


An antique look is characterized by rustic style furniture; reused furniture, vintage and worn furniture, distressed furniture that has aged look, adds extra depth and lasts longer. Furnishings with antique elements, rustic wood finishes, added details, soft curves, light colors, soft and comfortable upholstery not only add comfort but also creates beautiful contrasts, relaxed and rural feel in the room.


  • rustic style sofa with white colour upholstery
  • distressed oak finish framed tv stand
  • vintage accent table
  • painted console table


In this style, materials with soft and comfort fabric such as cotton, linen and wool, velvet with light, neutral colors, and organic textures add natural comfort and coziness to the room. Recycled fabrics, mix of vintage velvet with added textures, not only create a unique design but also add richness and luxurious feel to the room. Textiles with pastel colors, earthy tones, and floral patterns bring in the feminine nature of this style.


  • The cotton fabric of blue and textural finish
  • Printed throw pillow cover
  • Floral pattern pillow crafted from linen and cotton
  • Semi-sheer floral pattern curtain

Walls, Flooring,and Ceiling

Light and neutral colors; white, cream, beige, or floral patterned wallpapers, make an ideal backdrop for shabby chic style. Some of the walls are with revealing layers of paint/chipped paint in this style. Flooring favors rustic style such as natural wood with a withering look, ceilings with neutral colors/simple patterns, walls with neutral/colorful accents with simple design wallpapers, statement pieces, add visual interest, and boast shabby chic interior décor.


  • White painted bare floorboard
  • earthy tone herringbone pattern hardwood flooring
  • floral pattern wallpaper
  • modern cream subway tiles

Decor in Shabby Chic style

Shabby chic style homes are organized with various mix and match types of accessories; vintage pieces, ceramics, glassware, lacy details, vases with flowers, woven baskets, chunky rugs creating a balanced mix of old and new materials and textures to create cozy and casual space. In addition, walls with beautifully decorated weathered wood picture frames, handcrafted pieces bring in personality and visual interest in this style.


  • Photographic printed wooden wall frame
  • floral hand-knotted pattern area rug
  • carved accent signature style mirror
  • flower vases, ceramic bowls


Chandeliers (a balance between old and new) that are elegant provide an aesthetic appeal and create beautiful patterns on walls add value to the home. Ornate lighting fixtures, vintage lamps, lanterns/lampshades with floral patterns, a combination of classic or modern materials, accents of wood, add beauty, serenity, and vibrant atmosphere to Shabby chic style. In addition, light fixtures can act as statement pieces in any room.


  • Candle style chandelier
  • wood and fabric style table lamp
  • Antique style floor lamp

The Definitive guide to different interior design styles are


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