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How to Decorate in Mid-Century Modern Style design

Mid century modern style is simple and nature integrated design, seemingly futuristic aesthetic.

Mid-century modern style

Some of the features of Mid-Century Modern Style are

-Simple and nature integrated design
-Emphasis on function,
-Seemingly futuristic aesthetic
-Flat planes, ceilings, asymmetric appearance
-Large openings, greenery connected to nature
-Furniture: simple shapes and fine craftsmanship, hairpin legs, vintage pieces with veneer
-Contrasting Materials: glass, plywood, metals, leather or cotton textiles, plastic, vinyl
-Straight lines in the ceiling
-Angular structures, classic elements, minimal fuss
-Colors: bold, natural and warm colours-yellow, mustard, orange, olive green, pink, grey, black, earthy tones
-Heavy textures, graphic patterns, organic and geometric forms


Mid-century modern style furniture features clean lines, simple shapes, fluid angles with gentle wood tones. Vintage furniture is also one way of doing it. Pillar back cushions, button-tufted detail, cushion with trim accents not only bring comfort but also add elegance to the style. The combination of white and grey works well in neutral or monochromatic scheme whereas bright and bold colours of mustard yellow, teal, lime green add focus and inviting atmosphere to any room.

  • Sectional sofa with curved arms
  • Crafted hardwood walnut finish dining set with angled legs
  • Solid pine buffet table with a matte black tubular base


Natural fibres, leather, or cotton textiles with textured finish with either dark or neutral colours blend elegantly with mid-century modern style.


  • Chair with upholstery fabric of grey and textural finish
  • A leather sofa set
  • Throw blankets and Pillows-Beige colour
  • Multi-coloured area rug.

Walls, Flooring and Ceiling

Most of the Mid-century modem style homes are featured with natural elements like brick walls, wooden panels, exposed beams that bring the outdoors in.

  • Light brown oak flooring with a matte finish
  • Grey colour maple flooring.
  • Dark brown strand woven mahogany with an amber finish.


Mid-century modern style homes are organized with big, bold statement canvas that adds focus to any room. Art wall hangings, decorative vases, sculptures of different shapes and sizes bring in beauty, depth, and drama to any space.

  • Wall decor-abstract canvas wall art
  • Silver vintage style clock
  • Wood or metal finish candle holders.


This style incorporates a vast variety of light fixtures. Hanging lights that are delicately hung with inspired work of art complete this mid-century modern style.

  • Antique chandelier with silver lea metal hoops
  • Brushed nickel chandelier with weather wood accents
  • Hand-molded antlers with texture and detail
  • Wrought iron wall sconce

The Definitive guide to different interior design styles are


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