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Metal Building and Their Unique Styles: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for new construction on your property? Have you considered metal building as an option? Do you know there are myriad ways in which you can use a metal structure? 

Some of the most famous structures in the world are made up of metal. For example, the infamous Eiffel Tower in Paris, France; Beijing National Stadium, China; Chrysler Building in New York, US & Sydney Harbor Bridge, Australia.

You can also build one of your dream garages or barn dominium out of metal. How? Well, don’t worry. We will discuss here some aspects of metal structures, their variety, application, roofing, and types. So, without any further ado, let’s get started. 

What are Metal Buildings

These are professionally engineered construction that uses structured steel frame. You can customize it using CAD or other drafting tools.

In general, metal structures have components like posts, base rails, metal panels, roof purling, cladding, wall grids, gutters & trim. You may or may not require a foundation depending on type & size. Steel structures are simple designs. 

Metal Building Types



Of all the three, carports are the simplest to construct. Carports can be both attached & detached from your main house. These are open-standing structures with a roof. 

According to the legal definition by ICC: a metal carport must be opened from at least two sides. If not, then it would be considered a garage. You can use asphalt as a base for your carport on the ground.  

You can use a carport for storing your vehicles, lawn equipment, and farm machinery, or you can use it as a covered patio, deck, outdoor seating area, barbeque grilling area, etc.



Think of a carport but with all sides covered with a door & a foundation. Well, that would be a metal garage. You can customize your steel garage as per your needs. For example, you can add lighting, vents, skylights, or maybe an insulator to it.

A garage usually requires a permit from the local authority. This is true for all garages, regardless of the type of raw material used for construction.

You can use your garage as storage space, personal gym, man cave, personal theatre, or for commercial purposes like a yoga center, corner shop, bakery, etc.


Metal building

Metal barns are usually bigger structures. As the name suggests, they are similar to that of a traditional barn, except that they are constructed using galvanized steel. 

Again you can customize your steel barn as per need. Usually, a concrete foundation is recommended for the barn as they are more durable. 

You can use steel barns for storing agricultural equipment and shelter your cattle, horses, or other livestock, or you can use it for commercial applications like aircraft hangers, retail stores, commercial storage, recreational centers, etc.

Bonus: Mix & Match

You can have – 

  • Barn with lean-tos
  • Garage with lean-tos
  • Carport with lean-tos
  • Carport with storage

These structures are an amalgam of the one discussed above with a lean-to. So, what are lean-tos anyway? The simplest explanation can be two posts attached to the original building with a roof. That’s it! 

Metal Building Foundation Types

There are three types of bases that can be used for metal structures. They are:

  • Dirt & Gravel – cheapest of all the three options.
  • Asphalt – can bear an average load and cost less than concrete.
  • Concrete – expensive but recommended for heavy loads.

Metal Building Styles


It has few interior columns, therefore more space per square footage. Usually, designers are familiar with the structural type. These are best for clear-span metal structures. They are the most expensive out of the three.

Post Frame

You have the flexibility of design here. It is easy & fast to install. It has columns.

Cold Formed

It is easy to install & weld-free. It requires knee braces. Most installers need to familiarize themselves with this type.

Metal Building Roof Types


These are similar to traditional style roofs. It is curved at the edges. If you live in a place with a fair climate, go for it.


These are also known as A-frame or box-eave. It looks like a house rooftop. The ridges on the metal panel are parallel to the ground. These are recommended for moderate climatic conditions. 


The ridges on the metal panel are perpendicular to the ground. They glide away all the debris to the ground. These are meant for extreme weather, for example, extreme snowfall, heavy rain, etc.

Roof types
Roof types

Optional: Exterior Facade for Metal Buildings

Don’t we all aspire for our homes to look appealing? Wouldn’t you like people to turn their heads and admire the beauty of your home? Well, the good news is you have the flexibility to choose from different facade options to improve the external appearance for those who see it from the outside. Let’s see some of them.


These are a mixture of Portland cement, lime, sand & water. It adds texture to your building.

Faux Stone

As the name suggests, they look like a stone but are lightweight. 


It is probably the most common façade you can find in almost all buildings these days.

Geometric Screen

It is a metal panel with a pre-cut design that gives a very aesthetic look.

Perforated Metal/Aluminum Cladding

You can add backlit LEDs to your exterior metal cladding with pre-defined holes. They will look mesmerizing during the night. Choosing an aluminum panel would be great as they are rust-proof & lightweight.


A 3D façade gives dimension to your metal structure. It will add depth to your structure. 

In a nutshell

No matter which metal building you select, you are making an environmentally conscious choice. Your metal structure will last you long with little to no maintenance. So, choose metal; choose peace of mind.

Whether you own a business or a residential property, metal buildings can fulfill all of your needs. Remember to add insulators & vents if you want to use your metal structure for housing people. 

With modern façade options, you can effortlessly elevate the look of your exterior. Regardless of your personal style preference, be it sleek, chic, modern, or contemporary, these options can help you achieve the desired appearance.

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