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How to Decor Your Interiors in Industrial Style

Industrial Style is inspired by the look of factories, warehouses, industrial structures, etc.

Industrial style

Features of Industrial Style are

  • Raw, unfurnished look, hard-wearing furnishings.
  • Materials like exposed brick, stone, distressed metals, and weathered wood.
  • Use of recycled materials (environment friendly), and utilitarian objects.
  • Natural textures, industrial accessories.
  • Neutral colors like white, black, and grey.
  • Floorings such as concrete, and wood.
  • High ceilings, exposed beams, exposed pipes, and ducts.
  • Large open windows, open spaces which are clutter-free.
  • Metal finishes, a combination of metal and wood, etc.,


Most of the industrial style furniture is a combination of wood and metal; created with distressed/weathered/reclaimed wood elements and hand-forged/reused industrial metals that are used in industrial structures. They are upholstered with materials like leather, linen, etc. Cotton, microfiber also can go with this style. These hard-wearing furnishings give a raw unfinished look. Most of the upholstered are in dark colors of brown-black etc., and neutral colors also work elegantly with them.


  • Weathered grey wood TV cabinet
  • White leather sofa with encasing metal frame
  • Light brown barn door console
  • Walnut table set metal legs and bronze side chairs.


Natural fibers with textured finish with either dark or neutral colors blend elegantly with industrial style.


  • Chair with upholstery fabric of grey and textural finish
  • A leather sofa set
  • Throw blankets and Pillows-Beige colour
  • Hand-crafted throw pillow
  • Multi-coloured handmade area rug.

Flooring and Ceiling

Industrial style homes incorporate flooring with scraped solid hardwood/ reclaimed/distressed wood in wide planks or concrete finish and most of the ceilings with exposed wooden beams, ducts, and pipes.


  • Light brown oak flooring with a distressed matte finish.
  • Hand-scraped grey colour maple flooring.
  • Concrete flooring.


Industrial style homes are organized with recycled and reusable elements, industrial style metal artwork, handcrafted elements, which bring vintage and antique look to your home.


  • Oversized distress sage finish industrial wall clock.
  • Wood or metal finish candle holders.
  • Wall decor-abstract wall art.
  • Iron wall mirror with texture finish.


Industrial style lights feature dark colour traditional finishes like wood, metallic finishes such as brass, bronze, wrought iron, etc. or a combination of both.


  • Brushed nickel chandelier with weather wood accents.
  • Hand molded antlers with texture and detail.
  • Wrought iron wall sconce.

The Definitive guide to different interior design styles are


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