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Glow up these viral IKEA storage essentials into unique pastel tableware this Spring!

Thinking of perking up your dinner parties or the kitchen this spring? Home designer Yvonne Ellen gives her top two seasonal DIY home inspirations to transform these best-selling viral IKEA storage essentials into unique home décor items that are sure to add that wow factor:

There is something special and quite satisfying about giving an object a little remodel to create something that is exactly what you love and suits the rest of your home perfectly. IKEA is usually my ‘go-to’ for finding so many hidden gems that can be revamped with my favorite patterns and illustrations using high-quality acrylic paints and detailing.

DIY Hack for Ikea Storage

The Bougee Animal Tea Station uses IKEA STOLTHET

This DIY hack perfectly showcases all my favorite tea and coffee chinaware in style! The IKEA STOLTHET chopping board has a perfectly clean surface to paint on and I transformed it by rolling neutral paint as the base before detailing the designs using bright acrylic paints. Once this had been dried, I added gold leaf detailing around the edges and finished it off with a coat of clear acrylic varnish.

I absolutely loved every part of creating this little IKEA storage hack and having all my tea bits and bobs displayed and on hand, while giving that eye-catching edge to my kitchen surface that has never looked so good before.

Ikea stoage

Yvonne Ellen Panda Sugar Bowl – £20.00

And Yvonne Ellen Elephant Teapot – £35.00

Then Yvonne Ellen Elephant Storage Jar – £22.00

The Crabtastic Lazy Susan using the IKEA SNUDDA

Inspired by the ‘Crustaceancore’ trend that was hot off the heels last year, I have wanted to test out a new bold Crab design for a while and the IKEA SNUDDA was the perfect product to do it on. I am a massive sushi fan so I absolutely love having all the right tableware for a good sushi dinner party and this was the perfect essential to revamp into a playful sea-inspired sharing platter that will wow the guests.

It makes an excellent addition to the table to showcase dishes and seeing as I have the perfect range of sushi tableware this one was a must to add to the collection.

Ikea storage

 Yvonne Ellen Kawaii Sushi Lover Bundle – £58.00

Yvonne’s top upcycling painting tips to try this Spring: 

·    Make sure to give the objects a quick wipe and ensure you have a clean and dry surface to work on.

·    Roll on a coat of neutral paint of your choice as the base to let your illustrations stand out.

·    Sketch out a design that you’re happy with and draw this out beforehand on tracing paper. If you aren’t confident in drawing, stencils are really handy and can be traced onto your canvas using a pencil.

Get comfortable with all your equipment, secure the sides with some tape to stop any surface movements, measure where exactly you want to place the design, and get painting!· Once the paint has dried off, add detailing of your choice to the design for some extra pizzazz and finish it off with a coat of clear acrylic varnish.

For more details and information about this Ikea storage on Yvonne Ellen, visit  https://yvonneellen.com/.

By Yvonne Ellen

Based in London, Yvonne Ellen is an independent British home and lifestyle brand specializing in home and giftware that is quirky yet timeless.

Bringing her passion for home design to life in 2017, award-winning designer Yvonne Ellen hand paints her illustrations on a wide range of fine china home and lifestyle products that are inspired by her love of travel, fashion, and London, bringing a colorful and bold statement either on its own or as part of an eclectic assortment of goodies.

From tableware, bedding, gifts, home fragrance, and wallpaper, all of the items are available for worldwide shipping.

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