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Four Stunning Temples In Channarayapattana, Karnataka You’ve Never Heard Of!

Imagine being transported back in time to witness the grandeur and magnificence of temple architecture in the region of Karnataka, India. This is the essence of the Hoysala Art Temples in Channarayapattana.

Let us explore a few examples of Hoysala architecture in the region of Channarayapattana.

4 Hoysala Art Temples In Channarayapattana

Sadashiva Temple

The Sadashiva Temple in Nuggehalli, which belongs to Hassan district, is located on the Tiptur-Channarayapatna state highway. If you take a turn near Hiresave on NH-48, you can reach Nuggehalli, which is 16 km away. There are three important ancient temples in this village. Among them, the Ishwara temple has been destroyed. The Sadashiva Temple and the Lakshminarasimha Temple are in good condition. Once an important agrahara, the village was formerly known as Vijaya Somanathapura. It may have been a monument to Someshwara of the Hoysalas in the 13th century. There are reports that the Cholas ruled the region before the Hoysalas. Bommana Dandanayaka was a vassal of Someshwara. He built the temples of Lakshminarasimha and Sadashiva for the love of his king.

The Sadashiva temple is small and in the Ekakuta Nagara style. The exterior wall of this beautifully carved temple is simple but built on an eight-cornered star-shaped verandah similar to that of the Hoysalas. The rock peak above the sanctum sanctorum here is unique. The idol of Nataraja in the east direction is beautiful. There are several idols in the navaranga of the temple. There are unique sculptures of Saptamatrikas, Mahishasura Mardini, Ganapati, Saraswati, Bhairava, Veerabhadra and Surya. The attractive Nandi and Parvati devi idols of Hoysala style are magnificent. The temple, which later improved during the vijayanagara kings, has large structures of that time. Among them are the entrance of the temple, huge pillars of granite stone, the mukhamantapa and the navarangas in front of them. 

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Sadashiva temple in channarayapattana

Sri Lakshminarasimha Temple

The Sri Lakshminarasimha Temple at Nuggehalli. It is the most richly decorated of the Trikuta structures of the Hoysalas. It is also built on a verandah that corresponds to the main structure of the temple. The size of the temple appears to be smaller compared to its mandapa which was added later. The trikuta is situated in nine columns with a division of four pillars. The vast mandapa of navaranga has magnificent pillars made of rotating machines. The peak above the central sanctum sanctorum is wider and larger. Since there is a sukanasi protruding from it, it seems to be part of the peak. It is also noteworthy that the other two peaks are designed in such a way that the absence of sukanasi is not seen as a drawback.

The speciality of this temple is that small temples adjacent to the outer wall are constructed with a protruding from the wall. The peaks that are now visible to this temple, which appears to be monolithic on the surface, were later attached. They were not rock peaks, but were made of mortar during the Vijayanagara period. The fact that it is made to look like a one, though trikuta, shows the innovation of the sculptors. There are five outcrops on each side of the central temple to indicate this numerically. All but the middle of these are part of the wall, but their forelimb makes them look like separate supplementary walls. The structures here seem to be possible only for artists with vision, who experience the beauty themselves, and who have a great vision that others can taste it.

In the six strips at the bottom, followed by rows of elephant, horse and makara, medium-sized deities are seen. Not out of the reach of the eye, their artistic beauty is fitted in a straight way that is easily accessible to the viewer. It is followed by another strip which looks like a roof for the idols. The structure above it has various temple structure designs built to complement the upper roof. The following six strips of equal size need to be looked at carefully. Because there is a row of elephants, one after the other, on which there are horsemen, then designs of leafy vines. The top row of it contains miniatures of mythological stories.

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Sri lakshminarsimha temple in channarayapattana

Sri Lakshminarayana Temple

Sagathavalli is a small village near Channarayapatna in Hassan district. There are two Hoysala temples here. Neither of them is in a good position to claim. As half of the Someshwara temple here is buried in the ground, it appears that it is yet to collapse. Another Sri Lakshminarayana temple is also in a dilapidated condition due to lack of proper maintenance. The temple has survived till date as a porch was built and preserved during the Vijayanagara period. If the villagers pay attention to these two temples, which come under the purview of influential politicians, it is not difficult to revive them, they just have to try. The only ray of hope is that both these temples come under the purview of the Muzrai Department.

The department can clean the surroundings from time to time, even if it is surrounded by vegetation. Being small in size and simple structure, its improvement may not be costly or difficult. If the locals feel that their village is proud, it is not possible. The peak of the mortar built that day has not yet collapsed. The outer wall of the temple is uniquely constructed. Like the temple at Nuggehalli, the structure of the small temple adjacent to the wall is elegant. The patterns of various peak styles created along the wall reflect the sculptural variations prevalent at that time. Let us wait for a proper explanation of these. Incomplete rock patterns are visible in some places. It is not known whether the inscription found here has been read and published. The story of the Someshwara temple is no different.

As it hits the road, there are chances of it collapsing to the vibrations of the vehicular movement. But the protection it provides is that three-fourths of it is buried in the ground. The simple peak of Fonsa’s style and the bell-shaped structure on top of it are beautiful to look at. Our tribute to the Hoysalas is to preserve and maintain them, at least because they have not yet been completely destroyed.

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Sri lakshminarayana temple in channarayapattana

Betteshwara Temple

Belaguli was once a place that developed into an agrahara. During the reign of Hoysala Ballala II i.e. It was established in 1210 by his Keshava Dandanayaka or Keshiraja and the temple was built. The temple here is a confluence of Hari-Hara. Because this temple is also known as Keshaveshwara just as it is popularly known as Betteshwara. Two large tanks named Lakshmisamudra and Keshavasamudra have been constructed in connection with the temple. It is a Dwikuta temple with keshava sanctum sanctorum facing south and Shiva temple facing east. The mandapa, which combines the two, is spacious and has many rotating pillars. It is remarkable that they do not resemble each other. Generally, Hoysala temples are built on verandahs. But the foundation of this temple started directly from the ground. There are two entrances to the Navaranga. The western sanctum sanctorum is square in shape.

The gatekeepers at the Betteshwara gate are often not decorated. The four-armed idol of Lord Keshava is six and a half feet tall and in good condition. It is heartening to note that the size and beauty of the sculptures of Saraswati, Ganapati, Kartikeya and Parvati inside the temple are eye-catching and in good condition. The inscription on the porch is also beautiful. The outer wall of the temple shows simple linear pillars. The peaks created of mortar still survive. The structure around the make-up, which is not decorated with the faces of fame, seems to have simple panels.

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Betteshwara temple in channarayapattana

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