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Exploring Unseen India: Five Majestic Hoysala Temples Of Kaduru ,Karnataka!

Have you ever wondered what the Hoysala Architecture looks like? For many years, you may have been exploring famous Indian architectural styles such as Mughal, Dravidian ,Vijayanagara, etc. One of its unique kind of Indian-born style is the Hoysala architecture.

Let us delve into the examples of the impressive temples in the Kaduru region.

5 Indian-Born Style Hoysala Art Temple In Kaduru

Nagnatheshwara Temple

Chikkamagaluru district, this place was a big agrahara during the Hoysala period. It was famous as a place where Vedic scholars were studying. There are two temples of Veeranarayana and Naganatheshwara Deva and hoysala periods.The Naganatheshwara Temple near here is completely reconstructed and its Hoysala features are hidden. As many sculptures and idols as available have been preserved and a new type of building has been constructed and installed for them.

The Naganatheshwara Linga here and the basava idols opposite it are beautiful. Outside, there is an idol of Saiva Dwarapala, whose decoration and standing postures are reminiscent of the sculptures of Belur and Halebidu. The face was completely crushed and disfigured. Skulls are carved on the crown part of this idol. Two inscriptions are preserved.

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Reconstructed naganatheshwara temple in kaduru

Veernarayana Temple

Veeranarayana Temple The temple is not very large in size and has a simple design. The temple, which was in good condition for most of the parts, has been untied and reassembled, making it look beautiful now. If the inner structures had also been cleaned, the idols in the Navaranga and the sculptures of Makaratorana would have been more beautiful. The porch on the outside and the structure of half pillars are beautiful.

Though there is a base high above ground level, there is no verandah all around. As if climbing two steps, there is a katanja with elephant heads and is attractive to look at. The jangha portion of the outer wall depicts pillars with straight lines. This part, which does not have much ornamentation, looks beautiful now by its composition. On the outside, two large-sized inscriptions are preserved. Though the reconstruction of the temple seems to have brought grandeur to the temple, the presence of a large yellow water tank adjacent to the mukhamantapa has spoiled the overall view of the temple. It can still be shifted elsewhere.

In the Navaranga, there is a lalata plate of Gajalakshmi and the doorway is decorated. The sculptures of the gatekeepers have been left blank. There are idols of Ganapati, Narasimha and Venugopala in the Navaranga. There is a sculpture of Veeranarayana in the sanctum sanctorum. The four pillars of the spacious Navaranga Mandapam are attractive. Vitanas are created on the roof.

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Veernarayana temple in kaduru

Mallikarjuna Temple

The Mallikarjuna temple has been rebuilt. The phansa-style peak of the temple is still in good condition. The exterior of the wall has collapsed and has been constructed using new stones. Given the simple style in which adhishthana exists, it seems that it could not have had any decorative structures. Constructed using granite stone and cement, it cannot be deformed. Still, you can be happy to be able to stay. If, in course of time, this is to be projected as a relic of the Hoysala style, it would be a sin.

On top of the jagati are placed two nandis with folded ones. The sculptures found at the site in the temple premises have been preserved. The Moolalinga and Nandi in this temple are kept in the outer courtyard. There is a newly made linga in the sanctum sanctorum. There is only a seat where Ganapati was there and the idol is gone. At the entrance of the temple is a broken hero stone of the Vijayanagara period. A kalyani, a water body in the temple premises, has also been repaired. Most of the villages do not focus on the preservation of a Hoysala temple.

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Mallikarjuna temple in kaduru

Channakeshava And Yognarasimha Temple

In some places, there are two temples of the Hoysalas. In some places Saiva and Vaishnava temples are together. It shows the importance of those places in their time. If some of these places, which are now remote villages, have gained importance, it is also because of the Hoysala temples. It is also fortunate that the temples in the residential areas of the people are still in good condition if the locals have taken interest in them and preserved them. A similar picture is seen at Thangali in Kadur taluk of Chikkamagaluru district where there are two Hoysala temples.

The village, located at a distance of eight km from Kadur, was reportedly a good stopover. Since the place is also close to Banavara, which is famous for its trade and commerce, the name Thangali may have been meaningless. The two temples in Thangali are Mallikarjuna,Channakeshava and Yoganarasimha temples. This temple may have been a trikuta once upon a time. The temple, which was rebuilt during the Vijayanagara period, currently has only sculptures of Channakeshava and Yoga Narasimha. There is a symbol of Garuda on the pedestal of the Narasimha idol, which is five feet high. There is not much innovation in the Narasimha idol in terms of sculptural beauty. Or it may also depend on the sculptors found at that time.

This comparison is only for identifying differences, not for criticizing it! The Garuda sculpture in the same premises appears to be from the Vijayanagara period. There are also idols of Alwars in this temple where the influence of Ramanuja is visible. Although the temple is not supported by inscriptions, it can be inferred from the sculptural style that it belongs to the 12th century. There are separate temples of Channakeshava and Goddess Lakshmi in the Yoga Narasimha temple itself.

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Channakeshava and yognarasimha temple in kaduru

Mallikarjuna Temple

The Mallikarjuna temple at Hirenallur is the most important name. Because It Is A Pleasure To Be In A Secure State With The Hoysala Emblem Even Today. Many of our temples will remain for future generations if people can cherish and preserve even the ancient temples in inhabited areas. A good example of this is the Mallikarjuna temple at Hirenallur village in Kadur taluk of Chikkamagaluru district. This black stone temple, which stands out as one enters the village, is attractive to see. Since the garden around the temple has been built, beautified, maintained at its best, it seems to give a good feeling.

The peaks of the temple are made up of four tiers. Though it is small compared to the temples at Belur Halebidu and Javagallu, the collection of sculptures of various gods and goddesses is large. The idols on the top of the peak are in a better condition than those seen on the outer wall. Being at a height, it did not fall into the hands of the attackers. These idols include Narasimha, Venugopala, Bairava, Hanuman, Ganapati, Brahma, Saraswati etc. It is noteworthy that on the top of the peak too, small tables are erected and within them, the idols of the deities are placed. The trikuta peaks look attractive as they have animals, birds and lata designs. The leelamurtis on the outer wall have almost lost their original form. Others have been deformed by the shock of the time. Though the original Adhishthana is said to be Mallikarjuna, the sculptures of Vishnu and Garuda are also visible.

The Navaranga of this temple is unique. Since the main part of the Navaranga is covered by a beautifully decorated seven-foot-tall Nandi idol, the space seems to be small. The sculpture of the sun on the back of it is rare in this part of the country. There is a sculpture of Narasimha in the centre of the vitana where Hanuman and Garuda are facing each other. Its geometrical skill is amazing. The sculptures of Anantha Padmanabha and Shiva and Parvati should be noted at the bottom of the Vitana. Now that there is enough lighting, it is a pleasure to see these when there is an electrical connection. There are some sculptures outside the temple. There is also a jina idol on the edge of the road. Now that the road facility is good, those travelling via Hosadurga should not forget to visit this beautiful temple.

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Mallikarjuna temple in kaduru

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