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How to Decor Your Interiors in Coastal Style

Coastal style is nature-inspired style from beaches, seashores, etc. with light, airy, and calm atmosphere.

coastal style

Some of the features of this style are

-An atmosphere of beautiful coastal/ seaside like treat in home decor through colour, furnishings, and materials

-Nature-inspired style from beaches, seashores, etc.,

-Light, airy, and calm atmosphere

-Open plan layout, natural light, large windows

-Lightweight window treatments

-Natural materials and natural fabrics

-Colors: light color palette, neutral and vibrant colors, whites, layered blues, pops of yellow, mustard, coral, etc.,

-Textures: rough and raw textures (textures from rock, sand, wood), soft textures for linen

-Floors: light wood floors, weathered wood, etc.

-Fabric: natural fibers such as cotton, linen, etc.

-Décor: lush plants like palms, succulents, earthy ceramics, jute rugs


The furniture of coastal style interior design is characterized by natural elements and materials (natural teak and other woods), weathered wood; trellis patterns, etc. Soft furnishings with warm whites, light, and neutral colors, soft curves, soft and comfortable linen not only add comfort but also creates beautiful contrasts, relaxed and beachside feel in the room.


  • White driftwood coffee table/cabinet
  • Woven wicker/rattan chair
  • White fabric slipcover sofa
  • Driftwood swivel stool


Materials with soft and comfortable fabric (such as cotton, linen), in light, neutral, or sandy colors textures/earth tones with little pops of bright accent colors results in a beautiful seaside shore inspired room. Textiles with orange shades inspired from beachside sunrise, blue shades from water, sandy colors from sand, green shades from palm trees with added textures, earthy tones, and leafy patterns not only create a unique design but also add brings a seaside retreat to your home.


  • The cotton fabric of white/blue and textural finish
  • Printed throw pillow cover
  • Beach-inspired pattern pillow crafted from linen and cotton
  • Semi-sheer floral pattern curtain

Walls, Flooring and Ceiling

Open plan layout, large windows, lightweight window treatments are needed to create an airy, spacious feel to the room. Light and neutral colors; white, cream, light blue make an ideal backdrop for coastal style. Flooring favors natural materials such as natural wood /weathered wood and ceilings often plain with neutral colors, walls with neutral/colorful accents with simple design wallpapers, statement pieces, add visual interest, and boast coastal style interior décor.


  • Weathered wood flooring
  • earthy tone herringbone pattern hardwood flooring
  • simple pattern wallpaper
  • modern cream subway tiles


Coastal style homes are decorated with natural elements which highlight elements of a seaside such as lush plants like palm, succulents, driftwood feature elements, corals, shell structures, raw branches, painted motifs, jute baskets, earthy ceramics, etc., in a simple and uncluttered way enhancing coastal appeal to the room. In addition, walls with beautifully decorated seaside-inspired picture frames, handcrafted pieces bring in personality and visual interest in this style.


  • Tropical leaves printed wooden wall frame
  • Jute woven pattern area rug
  • carved accent signature style mirror
  • driftwood crafted sculpture piece


Chandeliers that are elegant provide an aesthetic appeal and create beautiful patterns on walls that add value to the home. simple lighting fixtures, sea-inspired lanterns/lampshades, candle sconces a combination of classic or modern materials, accents of wood, add beauty, serenity, and vibrant atmosphere to coastal style decor. In addition, light fixtures can act as statement pieces in any room.


  • Wood and metal candle style chandelier
  • Blue/white table lamp
  • Wooden hurricane candle lantern

The Definitive guide to different interior design styles are

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