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How to Décor Your Interiors in Coastal Style

What is Coastal Style Décor

Coastal style is a nature-inspired style with influence from beaches, seashores, etc. The Coastal decoration creates a light, airy, and calm atmosphere of beautiful coastal/seaside-like treat in home décor through color, furnishings, and materials. It gives a feeling of staying in a beach house while on vacation. If you are fond of light, fresh-looking, beachy, casual, and relaxed spaces, then this style is for you. This brings the outside environment in and establishes a subtler difference between outdoors and indoors.

Image source : blucap.in

Incorporating watery tints, natural textures, marine touches, tropical plants gives you a feel of staying in beachside resorts while on a vacation. In addition, if you combine with the natural driftwood, branches, small stones that you can find on shores, it enhances the interiors. Bring in a cohesive look of your interiors by using these tips.

Elements of Coastline that Inspire

The Blue tones of Water and Sky!

Water – The Sun reflecting on the surface of the water, the sound of waves, the desire to adventure, surrounding waterfront views, and the feelings associated with water give us happiness, delight, and well-being.

Sands – White and creamy sands add texture and depth, creating an inviting atmosphere.

Seagrass – These Flowering plants not only grow in marine environments but also provide food and habitat for marine organisms.

Flora and Fauna – Different diversification of living creatures, starfish, coral reefs, sea birds, colorful fishes add fun and excitement.

Some of the Features and Elements of Coastal Style are:

  • Nature-inspired style from beaches, seashores, etc.
  • Light, airy, and calm atmosphere.
  • Relaxed, Casual, and Clutter-free spaces.
  • Open plan layout with natural light and large windows.
  • Lightweight window treatments.
  • Natural materials – Jute, Seagrass, and straw, light wooden tones.
  • Colors: light color palette, neutral and vibrant colors, whites, layered blues, pops of yellow, mustard, coral, etc.
  • Textures: rough and raw textures (textures from rock, sand, wood), soft textures for linen.
  • Floors: light wood floors, weathered wood, etc.
  • Natural Fabric: natural fibers such as cotton, linen, etc.
  • Décor: lush plants like palms, succulents, earthy ceramics, jute rugs
  • Plants: Tropical plants like Palm, Pine, Olive, Corn, Yucca, etc.
coastal style

Main Aspects of Coastal Style Design

1.Natural Color Palette :

Choose color Palette with natural and neutral colors accordingly. Shades and tones of white, beige, grey, and one or two darker accent colors creates a coastal vibe to your interiors.

2.Driftwood :

Picking up driftwood for furniture and other décor items from nearby furniture stores is not only easy but also adds a sense of color and texture.

3.Natural Textures in Coastal Style :

Natural and All Natural! Just as the beachside is with sand and other natural materials similarly, the coastal style integrates with natural textures that are rough, raw, exposed, and innate. In addition, it includes natural linen and jute textures.

4.Open and Airy Atmosphere :

Similar to the open and bright climate of a coastline, you can bring in the ambiance of an open and airy atmosphere into the room by an open-plan layout with minimal décor.

5.Beach side/Sea-Inspired Accessories :

Embrace your interiors with accessories and accent items specifically inspired by beachside elements.

Decorating Elements to Consider

Coastal Style Furniture

The furniture features natural elements and materials such as natural teak, weathered wood trellis patterns, driftwood, basket weave, etc. Use Soft furnishings with warm whites, light, and neutral colors, soft curves, comfortable linen, which not only add comfort but also create beautiful contrasts. It also builds a relaxed and beachside feel in the room. Just as we see natural branches and driftwood on the shores of the beach of a sea, in the same way, you can indeed create custom-made furniture.


  • White driftwood coffee table/cabinet
  • Woven wicker/rattan chair
  • White fabric slipcover sofa
  • Driftwood swivel stool
Coffee tables ; Image source – completely-coastal.com
Accent chairs ; Image source – completely-coastal.com

Fabrics and Coastal Décor

Materials with soft and comfortable fabric (such as cotton, linen), in light, neutral, or sandy colors textures/earth tones with little pops of bright accent colors result in a beautiful seaside shore-inspired room. Textiles with orange shades inspired by beachside sunrise, blue shades from water, sandy colors from sand, green shades from palm trees with added textures, earthy tones, and leafy patterns create a unique design. Sunbrella fabric, Slipcovers, Crypton adds comfort, providing a soft cushion for kids and pets.


  • The cotton fabric of white/blue and textural finish
  • Printed throw pillow cover
  • Beach-inspired pattern pillow crafted from linen and cotton
  • Semi-sheer floral pattern curtain
  • Sunbrella fabric
Coastal style
Upholstering ; Image source – completely-coastal.com
Coastal style
Upholstering ; Image source – completely-coastal.com

Walls, Flooring and Ceiling

Open plan layout, large windows, lightweight window treatments are needed to create an airy, spacious feel to the room. Light and neutral colors; white, cream, light blue make an ideal backdrop for coastal style. Flooring favors natural materials such as natural wood /weathered wood and ceilings often plain with neutral colors, walls with neutral/colorful accents with simple design wallpapers, statement pieces, add visual interest, and boast coastal style interior décor.


  • White painted walls with horizontal panels.
  • Weathered wood flooring, for instance, emphasizes texture
  • earthy tone herringbone pattern hardwood flooring
  • simple pattern wallpaper
  • modern cream subway tiles

Décor of Coastal Style

Decorate your interiors with natural elements that highlight components of a seaside such as lush plants like palm, succulents, driftwood feature elements, exposed branches, painted motifs, jute baskets, earthy ceramics, etc., in a simple and uncluttered way enhancing coastal appeal to the room. In addition, decorate your walls with seaside-inspired picture frames and bespoke pieces that bring in personality and visual interest in this style.

Indoor Plants :

Moreover, tropical plants such as different seagrasses, succulents enhance your aesthetics.


  • Basket weave décor.
  • Maps and global sea route charts.
  • Tropical leaves printed wooden wall frame
  • Jute woven pattern area rug
  • carved accent signature style mirror
  • driftwood crafted sculpture piece


Select elegant driftwood chandeliers or made of shell finishes that provide an aesthetic appeal. Moreover, placing chandeliers create beautiful patterns on walls that add value to the home. Even a few more décor items can be simple light fixtures, sea-inspired lanterns/lampshades, candle sconces, accents of wood, etc. add beauty, serenity, and vibrant atmosphere to coastal style décor. In addition, light fixtures can act as statement pieces in any room. You can also mix up classical and modern style décor items.


  • Driftwood style chandelier
  • Blue/white table lamp
  • Wooden hurricane candle lantern
Image source – shadesoflight.com
Coastal style

Inspirational Ideas For Rooms

Coastal style
Transitional Coastal Living Room; Image source – designs.spacejoy.com
Coastal style
Light and Airy Coastal Barn; Image source – fabricsandpapers.com
Coastal style
Photo courtesy of Annie Spratt; Image source – flooringstores.com

In conclusion, Coastal style not only adds a distinctive character but also brings a seaside retreat to your home. You don’t have to stay near seaside beachfront houses to get that feeling, but it can be produced within your interiors to create that atmosphere.

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