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The Definitive Guide to Design in Bohemian Style

Bohemian style is Inspired by artists, travelers, design reflecting lifestyle and culture.

Bohemian style

Some of the Features of this Style are

-Distinctive, visual interest, unique aesthetics

-Purposeful mix of colors, patterns, shapes, styles

-Combining objects from different parts of the world, variety of elements

-Space filled with number of focal points, similar to eclectic

-Earthy and natural finishes, layered colors and textures, arts, accents, etc.,

-Accessories with vintage pieces, handmade crafts

-Furniture: low lying, low back furniture combining furniture styles, color or patterned upholstery

-Flooring: various choices with attractive patterns

-Colors: earthy colors, mix of contrasting colors, bright colors like purples, orange, green etc.,

-Fabric/textiles: rich textures, bold patterns, bright colors

-Décor: botanical and hanging plants, memoirs from travel, handcrafted pieces, art work, metallic accents, mirrors.


Furnishings are a fusion of different styles with an attractive mix of patterned upholstery and colours; vintage and second-hand furniture, etc. For illustration a modern sofa, a coastal style chair, traditional style coffee table with printed or floral patterns of throw pillows and rugs in a living room. Low lying/low back furniture with bright coloured and patterned cushions with a mix of materials favour bohemian style.


  • Floral pattern low back chair
  • Solid wood button tufted sofa
  • Red and gold colour ottoman
  • Walnut two-piece end table


In this style, materials that are not new and shiny, blend of bright colors such as red, green, purple, orange, etc., with added textures, bold patterns not only create a unique design but also add richness and luxurious feel to the room.


  • Chair with upholstery fabric of grey and textural finish
  • Printed duvet cover
  • Navy blue accent pillow
  • Floral pattern curtain    


Walls, Flooring and Ceiling

Flooring and ceilings with neutral colors and earthy tones and simple patterns, walls with neutral/colorful accents with wall papers, statement pieces add visual interest and boast modern bohemian interior décor.


  • Black and white chequered floor pattern
  • Earthy tone herringbone pattern hardwood flooring.



Bohemian style homes are organized with various type of accessories; vintage pieces, memoirs from travel that gathers our travel memories, mirrors, wooden baskets, colorful and patterned throw pillows, patterned rugs that bring softness and comfort for underfoot, plants/ hanging pots that create a relaxing atmosphere to the room. In addition, walls with beautifully decorated art works, handcrafted pieces bring in personality and visual interest in this style.


  • Dark blue patterned throw pillow, oriented/diamond pattern area rug
  • Hand and screen printed cotton tapestry
  • Knotted jute hanging plants 
  • Signature style mirror





Ambient lightings decorated with floor and table lamps, lanterns, candles with a combination of traditional or modern materials, accents of wood, handmade light fixtures add beauty, serenity and vibrant atmosphere to Bohemian style.


  • A woven pendant lamp
  • Sputnik style chandelier
  • Black tripod table lamp


The Definitive guide to different interior design styles are


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