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Architectural Concept for Office – Site In Shorts

Established in 2004, OMS Software is a web development Firm Specializing in E-Business optimization solutions for companies across the Globe. Om software offers a complete range of Web-based application services including strategic consulting, Prototype Development, Site Architecture Planning, creative Graphic design, and photo imagery, E-commerce solutions, Content Management systems, content migration services, Lead generation tools, Advance Programming Capabilities, Multimedia Production, SEO and Site Globalization services. Let us take you through the architectural concept for the office!

Proposed Plan and Furniture Layout

The beauty of using curved lines is that it draws you into its periphery in a welcoming manner. With the correct formation of the lines, they can create a strong and meaningful impact, as well as connect the spaces. However, to employ their artistic techniques, one needs to know how to use these curves properly. The idea is to exploit the full potential of this simple design to its maximum advantage.

Spaces Provided

The architectural concept for office

  • Reception
  • CEO’s cabin
  • Quad Pots
  • Breather
  • Garden
  • M.D’s cabin
  • Workstations
  • Cubicles
  • Conference
  • Cafeteria
  • Breakout spaces
  • Washrooms
  • Technical areas

The idea was to provide a space that is comfortable for the user. Not just in terms of ergonomics but again is aesthetically appealing. The colors used here are the ones the human eye is well accustomed to places that soothe, relax, and calm the user.

Reflected Ceiling Plan
Architectural concept
Green Walls

Vertical gardens differ from green walls as they do not use a soil media for the plants instead use a felt fabric. Similar to a green wall, vertical gardens use a metal frame that attaches to the building’s sides or may be freestanding. A thin rigid plastic sheet is attached to the metal frame to provide stability and to provide waterproofing to the building wall. A corrosion-resistant felt layer is attached to the plastic sheeting to provide water and as a base to anchor the plant roots that attach directly to the felt layer. Ferns, Mosses, sedums, and many epiphytes such as orchids and Bromeliads will attach to the felt layer. As with a green wall, the felt is irrigated from the top with supplemental water which gravitates to the base.


Architectural concept
Breather Space
Architectural concept
Quad Pots
Architectural concept
Meeting Room
Architectural concept
Architectural concept
Architectural concept


Ana Bhaldar

2 responses to “Architectural Concept for Office – Site In Shorts”

  1. Nice work. Functional and cozy. Fits in with the modern work style.

  2. Amazing work !
    Very well self explanatory concept, forms, designs, and colour palette goes well with the design.
    Every designer elements are complimenting each other 👍.
    The Golden spiral concept used for conference room is something eye catching in the whole space
    Kudos !
    Great Job 👍🌟

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