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7 Clever Ideas To Hide Cracks In Walls

Designing interiors is all about accentuating the better parts while hiding everything that does not belong to the space. So, what will happen if there are cracks and crevices in any of the walls? Sooner or later, you may have to fix it depending on its depth and the structural damage it may cause. But what if it is not very serious? Perhaps take the help of some easy-to-do tricks to hide cracks in walls.

A tiny crack in the wall can become the canvas of creativity if you allow it to shine. But do not forget to consider a few factors before choosing a preferred approach. It will rely on the interior decor theme, budget, and design durability. After that, devise the perfect crack-fixing plan for the damaged wall. Remember, everything is fixable. That’s why we have enlisted seven clever design hacks to hide cracks in walls.

7 Ways to Hide Cracks

1. Conceal Cracks In Walls With Textile Art

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Image source: livspace.com

If you are a fan of boho materials, hide cracks in walls with traditional textile pieces or tapestries. Textile art also helps in adding a unique personality to an interior setup. You can find them in various styles like hippie wall hanging, Jaipuri fabric hangings, mandala wall art, macrame fabric wall tapestry, etc. These are readily available in different sizes and are cheaper.

2. Use Designer Wallpapers

If you think that wallpapers exist only for decoration purposes, think again! Apart from being a beautiful design element, they can also hide cracks in walls. Although it is better to repair the wall before covering it with wallpaper, you can ignore it if the wall cracks are minimal. 

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Image source: cococozy.com

Choose a suitable designer wallpaper among geometric patterned, botanical, mural, vinyl, foiled, or textured. And then, wrap the surface to hide cracks in the walls.

3. Cover The Cracks In Walls With Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most popular interior decor elements. So if you want to introduce mirrors in an interior setup, use them to hide cracks in walls. It will add depth and visual interest to the space while making the room appear larger than its actual size. 

Image source: bowerpowerblog.com

Mirrors are available in various shapes and sizes, such as round, octagonal, oval, rectangular, large, arched, oversized, etc. Choose any of these shapes and play around with their design to make them suitable for the interiors. 

4. Arrange Furniture To Mask The Cracks In Walls

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Image source: bocadolobo.com

Even furniture arrangements can help to hide cracks in walls. For instance, place a drawer, a table, or a sofa in front of the damaged wall. You can also bring in an antique wall clock or a bookshelf and add it to your interior setup. It will also protect the walls from further damage. Then, decorate these items with display pieces, planters, or string lights to make them an active element.

5. Unleash Your Creativity To Disguise The Cracks

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Image source: betterlivingthroughdesign.com

If art is your forte, unleash your creativity by making the flawed walls an active canvas. So, get creative and hide cracks in walls by sketching different figures or using wall stickers around them. Disguise the cracks as tree branches and paint leaves, birds, and flowers around them. You can also make simple paper cutouts of leaves or birds and stick them instead of using wall stickers. Likewise, there are numerous options to channel your creativity.

6. Imprint Words

Image source: etsy.com

When materials fall short, weave words to hide cracks in walls. Whether you want to imprint your favorite movie quotes or poems, have fun with this project in multiple ways. Frame the words or write them directly on the damaged wall instead of painting it. You can also take the help of wall stickers that are available on the internet if nothing else works. But, be careful while placing the words so that they hide cracks in walls nicely.

7. Add DIY Crafts To Veil The Cracks In the Walls

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Image source: thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

Introducing DIY crafts is another innovative way to hide the cracks in walls and ceilings. So, print some polaroids to create a collage of your favorite memories and hang them with strings. Or display dome creative compositions and adorn them with fairy lights to give an artistic touch. It will add a unique personality to the room and hide cracks in the walls.


These are a few ingenious ways to hide cracks in walls. Likewise, there are various other options available to camouflage or conceal the flaws. Just don’t be afraid to try something new because you may turn up with something more innovative yet economical. 

So, experiment as soon as possible, and thank us later!

By Sreyoshi Dhali

While finding her solace in silence and everything mundane, Shreyosi prefers to untangle the chaos inside her head and makes an effort to paint scenarios with words that keep her awake at night.

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