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15 Ideas to Transform Space Below Staircase Into a Garden

Are you a fan of indoor gardening but unsure where to create one? Then how about transforming the space below the staircase into an indoor garden?

Usually, the space below the staircase is left vacant or transformed into a storage area. However, you can modify it into a closet, kitchen pantry, a mini library, a dog house, a mini bar, or an indoor garden. Creating an indoor garden under the stairs will be a unique idea for the ones who like hobby gardening. It will introduce greenery into the room and be a good relaxation spot for your family and friends. Moreover, its maintenance will not interfere with your day-to-day lifestyle.

To help you redesign the space under the stairs beautifully, we have documented fifteen ideas to create an indoor garden.

15 Ideas for Garden under Stairs

Grow Flowers and Foliage Together

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Image source: balconygardenweb.com

Planting flowering plants can help in enhancing the awkward space under the staircase. Introduce saplings like orchids, jasmine, gardenia, kalanchoe, or lily. It will lend a beautiful fragrance, freshness, and a warm welcome to the entire home.

Set up a Japanese Garden

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Image source: balconygardenweb.com

Draw inspiration from Japanese gardens and create a peaceful oasis under the staircase. Short plants are ideal for a Japanese-style garden. So, bring in bonsai, wisteria, Japanese maple, or forest grass. Or, plant bamboo in ceramic pots if the staircase has enough height. All these will add a serene touch and make the space look fascnating.

Create a Mini Jungle 

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Image source: amvienz.com

Grow a mini jungle to get the most out of the unused space under the stairs. Plants like Dieffenbachia, calathea, snake plant, peace lily, and dragon tree are ideal for an indoor mini jungle. They improve indoor air quality. You can also add a few stones to add visual interest to the corner.

Build a Zen Garden

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Image source: homify.in

A zen garden is renowned for promoting meditation and relaxation in the interior space. So, include azaleas, bonsai, dwarf conifers, bamboo, ferns, sedges, mosses, and topiaries in decorative planters. Then, fill the rest of the area with sand, Buddha figurine, and different types of rocks in a beautiful pattern.

Place Succulents And Cacti

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Image source: gardenpatch.co.uk

Cacti and succulents are low-maintenance and suitable for enhancing small places. They also add texture and a touch of life to the monotonous interiors. So, grow a variety of succulents in a few fancy planters and decorate them with pebbles.

Give a Tropical Touch

space below staircase
Image source: architectureartdesigns.com

Create a tropical jungle with plants suitable for growing indoors, like bromeliad, alocasia, croton, philodendron, palm, or monstera. Although they require a lot of care, their colorful leaves, fragrant flowers, and trailing vines make the effort worth it. All these will make the space dynamic and rejuvenating.

Develop a Kitchen Garden

space below staircase
Image source: in.pinterest.com

Growing an indoor kitchen garden is an ingenious way to have fresh herbs all year round. So, grow herbs like basil, thyme, rosemary, mint, and oregano in little planters depending on the weather conditions.

Build a Living Wall

space below staircase
Image source: balconygardenweb.com

Build a living wall using English ivy, pothos, hoya, or other indoor climbers when the space under the staircase is limited. It creates a beautiful backdrop while adding a lively touch to a neutral space. 

Hang Some Greens

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Image source: ansainteriors.com

Hanging some ferns, Kokedama mosses, or ivy in planters are perfect for enhancing a gloomy interior corner. You can also create a curtain of trailing vines to utilize the vertical space. All these plants add visual interest and create a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Make a Simple Pebble Garden

space below staircase
Image source: balconygardenweb.com

Make the floor under the staircase a canvas to lay pebbles of varying shapes in different arrangements. It will showcase your creativity. You can then plant some succulents to add visual interest and life to the space.

Take a Minimalistic Route

11 2
Image source: @farmandgarden

Go minimalistic and create an indoor garden under the staircase that matches the design of your interior space. For example, place three potted plants on a grassy or stone floor at varying heights. It will make the place look clutter-free yet attractive.

Go with Planters

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Image source: balconygardenweb.com

Choose planters if you like growing multiple indoor plants or rearrange by adding extra decoratives. Growing plants in containers allows you to try various compositions or move them in different locations.

Incorporate Sophistication 

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Image source: gardenpatch.co.uk

Go the extra mile and incorporate sophisticated gadgets in your garden under the staircase. For instance, use timed LED lights, self-watering, and self-fertilizing systems. All these will create a visual symphony besides tending to the indoor garden.

Introduce Waterworks 

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Introducing waterworks like a fountain, pond, or aquarium will add freshness and a soothing aura to the interior space. It will also allow you to grow aquatic plants like lotus or create a hydroponic garden.

Create an Indoor Getaway

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Image source: gardenpatch.co.uk

Develop a verdant corner you will love returning to. So, fill the space under the stairs with lush greenery, stones, marble figurines, a mini fountain, and a relaxing seating arrangement. All these will create an indoor getaway that will suffice your traveling requirements to some extent.


The appropriate selection of plants, settings, and arrangements is crucial for creating a beautiful indoor garden. But that does not mean you will need an enormous room to build one. Even the space below the staircase can fulfill all your expectations. So, follow our tips and create your green corner!

By Sreyoshi Dhali

While finding her solace in silence and everything mundane, Shreyosi prefers to untangle the chaos inside her head and makes an effort to paint scenarios with words that keep her awake at night.

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