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15 Design Ideas to Make Your Small Balcony Appear Larger

Does your apartment or house come with a balcony? Then consider yourself lucky because you have one of the most favorable spaces a home can offer.

A balcony offers the perfect transition between the indoor and the outdoor spaces. It lets you take a break from daily life and re-energize by connecting with the natural surroundings. With the rise of optimized apartment layouts, most balconies we see today are small and compact. As a result, this space often gets overlooked while redesigning. But lack of space should never stop you from creating a beautiful balcony. For this reason, we have rounded up fifteen design ideas to make your small balcony appear larger.

15 Ideas for Balcony

Keep The Floor Neat

Image source: homelane.com

Overfilling the balcony with bulky chairs, tables, or decorative items restricts free movement and makes it look visually cluttered. So, free up the floor by adding furniture with slimmer profiles. It adds that extra space for circulation. You can also use transparent table tops to see the floor and make the balcony look bigger.

Be Minimalistic 

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Image source: mydomaine.com

Choosing a minimalist route is ideal for making any space feel bigger. So, be specific about what you want to include, like furniture, accessories, and plants. Then, keep the balcony clutter-free to make it seem large and more luxurious.

Choose Cohesive Colors

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Image source: thespruce.com

Although a balcony occupies the outer portion of the house, cohesive colors make them look like it belongs to the rest of the house. Cohesive color palettes can elevate any space by adding a lot of character. It also makes the balcony appear spacious by complementing both the indoor and the outdoor areas.

Minimize Shadows

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Image source: homelane.com

Dark corners and shadows define the extent of any space. So, use lighter color tones and highlight the corners with reflective elements. It will minimize the shadows by reflecting light and creating the illusion of airy space.

Add Varying Heights

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Image source: thespruce.com

Visual hierarchy can transform a compact balcony and make it look more spacious. Therefore, add shelves, side tables, and planters at different heights around the space to make the balcony roomy and appealing to the eye.

Utilize the Wall

6 2
Image source: mydomaine.com

Utilizing the wall can also help add more storage and free the floor space. So, add some wall hangings, wall-mounted art pieces, or a vertical garden to draw the eye and make the balcony visually larger.

Hang a Swing

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Image source: housebeautiful.com

Going minimalistic does not mean you have to miss out on enjoyable stuff. Hang a balcony swing or a free-standing egg chair instead of regular seating. It will save floor space and add visual interest.

Include Multipurpose Furniture

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Image source: housebeautiful.com

Opt for multipurpose or space-saving furniture pieces, like an ottoman instead of a table to double as a footrest. It will allow you to lounge and save space by excluding unnecessary additions.

Use the Railing

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Image source: thespruce.com

Put the railing into use by clamping a pre-made table on its edge or building a DIY counter with a few plywood pieces. It will save room for an extra table and leave more space for circulation. Then, add a few bistro stools to connect the entire place.

Light Up the Space

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Image source: mydomaine.com

Illumination is crucial in accentuating any place, and a balcony is no different! So, rely on soft LED lanterns, candles, and string lights instead of bright overhead lights. It will offer the balcony a bohemian touch and make it look spacious.

Extend the Room

11 1
Image source: housebeautiful.com

Instead of separating the balcony altogether, make it feel like an extension of your house. So, install floor-to-ceiling glass doors, keep a similar theme between rooms, and let the doors and windows open. It will make a small balcony look much larger and more dynamic.

Incorporate Reflective Items

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Image source: housebeautiful.com

Add reflective items like mirrors, metallic furniture, glassware, and shiny decoratives to the balcony like any other interior space. It will add depth and visual interest and make the balcony appear bigger.

Avoid Furniture

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Image source: mydomaine.com

There is no better way to make a balcony appear larger than avoiding all the furniture pieces. But be creative and make a fort of pillows instead of keeping it bare. Therefore, bring in a lot of pillows, faux turf, and a blanket. It will also make the space look whimsical.

Let the Layout Shine

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Image source: housebeautiful.com

Understand the layout of the balcony and plan the decor accordingly. For example, a slim patio sofa with a small table will complement a narrow rectangular balcony. Likewise, a chair set and a center table will complement a square-shaped balcony. Otherwise, it will look stuffy.

Opt for Glass Barriers 

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Image source: housebeautiful.com

Opt for sleek design aesthetics like glass barriers instead of solid or fenced railings. It will make the balcony blend in with the surroundings and give an impression of a vast space. 


Nowadays, apartments and houses do not leave much space for a balcony. As a result, it often appears dull. However, efficient planning and design can spark joy and transform this space into a magical retreat. So, refer to our wide array of design ideas to make your balcony a cozy haven. 

By Sreyoshi Dhali

While finding her solace in silence and everything mundane, Shreyosi prefers to untangle the chaos inside her head and makes an effort to paint scenarios with words that keep her awake at night.

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