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10 Unique Balcony Lighting Decor Ideas To Brighten Your Space

You waste no time enhancing an interior space for special occasions or no particular reason. But how often do you dedicate time and effort to beautifying the balcony? Like any other room in a house, a balcony serves a few purposes. Although not every home has a balcony, it can be an ideal recreation spot for those with one. 

One can soak up the sunshine on bright mornings, read a book on gloomy days, or host parties on warm nights. But for that, one must design the balcony into a space worth spending time in. An easy way to achieve that is by incorporating modern lighting for the perfect outdoor experience. Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of ten balcony lighting ideas to brighten the exteriors. So keep reading and amass methods to take the balcony to the next level. 

10 Balcony Lighting Ideas

1. Arrange Lights Like A Cascading Waterfall

balcony lighting
Image source: tuacasa.com.br

You can arrange string lights in the form of a waterfall that cascades down the balcony walls. The waterfall lighting arrangement is a bunch of vertical string lights connected to resemble the flow of a waterfall. So, create a magical forest effect or drape the lights around potted plants to enchant the guests with a mesmerizing setup. These types of balcony lighting ideas will make the balcony stand out against the night sky.

2. Drape Lights Around The Railing

balcony lighting
Image source: i.pinimg.com

Wrapping lights around the railing is one of the modest balcony lighting ideas that will not bore a hole in your pocket. So, add charm to the balcony by draping string lights or tiny fairy lanterns around the railing. You may add a few table lamps or create a DIY willow heart and wrap it with fairy lights to hang around a corner. The balcony will look even more enchanting when the sun goes down.

3. Play With Diffused and Focus Lights

Will you use the balcony to finish your pending tasks or relax after a busy day? So, choose the lights accordingly.

balcony lighting
Image source: kikyoo.com

If you want a muted glow, install a few diffused lights around the corners of the balcony floor. Then, place your favorite potted plants between the lights to add a touch of bling to the space!

4. Hang Lights From Above

balcony lighting
Image source: ariyonainterior.com

There are endless balcony lighting ideas that incorporate suspending lights from above. Remember, anything among a series of rustic LED bulbs, solar pendant lights, and paper lamps can create a romantic aura. You can play with the aesthetic and cultivate a luxurious ambiance while hanging lights from above.

5. Place Artistic Lamps Everywhere

Suppose you are unwinding on the balcony with a good book and coffee after a tiresome day. Then you will probably need a small table and a lamp instead of decorative string lights. In that case, use cordless or solar-powered LED table lamps. They are easy to use and coordinate well with the balcony. 

5 1
Image source: livabl.com

You can also place multiple artistic or Moroccan lanterns sparingly around the balcony to make the space more dreamy.

6. Brighten Up With Antique Wall Sconces

Image source: designcafe.com

When every other plan fails, try fitting antique sconces on the balcony wall! As the name suggests, antique wall sconces radiate a fanciful charm that pairs well with a modern outlook. They are best suited for indoor spaces because of their retro design and hassle-free installation. That is why this kind of wall sconce never goes out of style. Attach multiple wall sconces instead of one for a large balcony. Or pair them with table lamps of a similar design, and you are good to go!

7. Mount LED Lights From Walls And Ceiling

Rely on wall-mounted LED lights to make one of your minimalistic balcony lighting ideas come true. Incorporate multiple LED spotlights on the ceiling or mount a statement light piece on the wall to illuminate the balcony abundantly.

7 1
Image source: gharpedia.com

But make sure to clear the clutter and include only necessary furniture like framed seating and a table to make the space look upscale.

8. Hang Cane-Lanterns From The Ceiling

If you like to use eco-friendly balcony lighting ideas, go ahead with cane lanterns. Ceiling lights with cane covers have a charm of their own. They are neat, biodegradable, easy on the eyes, and add a rustic character to an ordinary balcony. So, suspend one statement lamp or combine several lanterns to create a unique composition. Then, complement them with more LED strips or string lights of your choice.

9. Illuminate With Candles

Image source: wattpad.com

Candles are notable for adding a magical touch to any mundane place. So, hang them in little cages or add them inside Mason jars and glasses to make the balcony stand out. If you have a large area, place them on the floor and make the place look even more whimsical. You can also keep a few scented candles on fancy candle holders to create an aromatic atmosphere.

10. Highlight Your Accent Wall

Have you ever tried illuminating the accent wall on the balcony with your choice of lights? Try it once if it is not done yet. 

Image source: designcafe.com

Decking up the upscale setup with colorful fairy lights can be one of the best festive balcony lighting ideas. You can also introduce sensor-activated lamps and transform them into a sophisticated space.


Choosing appropriate lights for the balcony can be a mighty task. But we hope these ten balcony lighting decor ideas will help you decide to choose the one that complements its design. So experiment with these balcony lighting ideas and let the balcony shine!

By Sreyoshi Dhali

While finding her solace in silence and everything mundane, Shreyosi prefers to untangle the chaos inside her head and makes an effort to paint scenarios with words that keep her awake at night.

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