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11 Clever Ways to Hide Electrical Wires for a Good-looking Ceiling

Designing a home is about highlighting the good parts and hiding away anything that looks unflattering or untidy. And even though we want the best quality wiring to power our homes, we don’t want electrical wires to remain exposed. Open electrical wires look unattractive and messy on your open ceiling. Fortunately, there are some simple but clever ways to hide the electrical wires on your ceiling.

Here are eleven creative ways to hide electrical wiring in your ceiling – 

11 Ways to Hide Electrical Wires

1. Cord Concealer Covers

hide electrical wires!
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Cord concealer covers are an effortless way to hide electrical wires in your ceiling decoration. You can stick them on your walls or ceiling, run the wiring through them and slide the ceiling cord covers on top. They blend in well with the background. You can paint the concealer covers to match your ceiling color if needed.

2. Install Crown Molding

Crown molding covers the intersection between the walls and the ceiling. You can also use crown molding to hide electrical wiring in your home. Insert the wiring behind the molding at the time of installation to create a neat look. It is safe and easy to tuck your electrical wires behind the crown molding.

3. Wooden Molding

If you don’t prefer to use plastic or fabric covers, install wooden molding to cover your electrical wires. These moldings act as ceiling beam borders and conceal the wiring behind them.

4. Use Decorative Boxes to hide electrical wires

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You can use colorful or decorative boxes to hide crowded wires. You can find attractive boxes that fit into your ceiling beams to cover up messy electrical wires. Decorative boxes are best suited to conceal grouped wires, such as ceiling fans and chandeliers wiring.

5. Use Electrical conduits

Electrical conduits are not exactly made for home décor. But they offer excellent protection for electrical wires. Many modern interior designers use conduits for electrical wires, to conceal them and create a retro look for the room. Get creative with electrical wire conduits and use them to embellish your wall décor.

6. Paint the Electrical wires

A simple and effective solution. Grab a paint tin and color your wires to match your walls and ceiling. You can also get creative with paint and decorate your wires with beautiful designs. It will make the electrical wires look attractive and add to your home décor.

7. Run Electric Wires Through Ceiling Holes

If none of the above options suit your home, consider drilling a small hole in your ceiling to run the wire through it. You may not be comfortable doing something like this on your own. Call in a handyman for the job; he will help you find the best way to conceal your electrical wires without damaging your ceiling.

8. Transform the Wires into Décor

Image source: interiorator.com

Integrate electric wires into your design scheme to create a beautiful look for your home. You can find numerous DIY videos online showing you how to install electrical wires beautifully. 

9. Drop Ceiling

If the premises you are working with has too many wires – drop ceilings are a great solution to cover them up. Drop ceilings or suspended ceilings hang slightly lower than the actual ceiling and offer a beautiful look while covering up sprinkler systems, wires, and other installations in your ceiling.

10. Trace Out the Wire Design

This is a good option if you are short on budget and wondering how to hide ceiling wires. Get artsy with your exposed ceiling and trace the design of your electrical wires to create a fun pattern on the ceiling.

11. Ceiling Box to hide electrical wires

Another economical way to hide electrical wires on the ceiling is to install a ceiling box that covers grouped wires and blends into the background. They help conceal electrical wires and give your ceiling a neat and tidy look.

There are many different ways to hide electrical wires on your ceiling. However, the method you choose depends on many factors. You must consider your budget, the theme of your home décor, the permanence of the solution you need, and the shape of your ceiling space. Explore different options before you decide on the most suitable way of hiding electrical wires in your ceiling. Don’t hesitate to experiment; you might create an innovative look for your home on a small budget. 

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