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10 Unique Ways to Embrace Bohemian Decor that Makes Your Home Cozier

Have you ever thought of decking up your home in a way it oozes life, culture, and individuality? Then, switch to bohemian decor interiors and flaunt your free-spirited personality. 

Bohemian decor ideas embrace creativity and modern sensibilities even while revealing a carefree and unconventional look. It incorporates a lot of bright colors, natural materials, and eclectic charms.

Boho-style interiors tend to be diverse and share certain similarities. However, not everyone can implement this design successfully. So, are you ready to step outside your comfort zone and play with this folksy aesthetic? Then, follow our collection of unique bohemian decor ideas for your interiors.

10 Unique Bohemian Decor Ideas

1. Introduce Rich Colors

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Image source: midimodi.com

Bohemian decor ideas readily welcome rich colors and bold patterns. Painting the walls in deep and darker hues offers a luxurious feel. Similarly, bright colors make the interiors cozy and inviting. Color the rooms in jewel tones like ruby red, emerald green, or amethyst purple. Then deck up with accessories. Otherwise, pick a combination of flattering shades like gold and violet or cream and navy.

2. Play With Patterns

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Image source: curatedinterior.com

Although the colors look good, you can keep the room neutral and play with patterns to embrace the bohemian decor ideas. 

Start with simple patterns like stripes, diamonds, and medallions on pillows, curtains, rugs, and wall hangings. Or, introduce rich textiles with Suzani, Berber, Ikat, and Shibori prints to give the room a colorful and lively effect. You can also use black-and-white checkered flooring or upholstered chairs to add dynamism. But leave a little space for your eyes to rest. Otherwise, it will become a visual overload.

3. Layer the Floor With Rugs

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Image source: poshpennies.com

Layering rugs on the floor is an extra opportunity to implement bohemian decor ideas in an interior space. It provides a soft underfoot and a touch of comfort. It also adds colors, patterns, and textures to the room. 

So, layer rugs with beautiful designs such as kilims, Persian, or southwestern. You can also combine a bright patterned rug with a natural fiber rug to create visual interest.

4. Show off Handmade Products 

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Image source: in.pinterest.com

Bohemian decor ideas highlight unique creations and handmade products that scream individuality. You can incorporate this through paintings, sculptures, trinkets, and wall hangings. Handmade decor items also support small entrepreneurs and local artisans. So, it will be a win-win situation.

5. Rely on Natural Materials 

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Image source: kpfusion.com

Bohemian decor ideas rely heavily on natural elements like wood, bamboo, and rattan. Wood and natural fibers add warmth and comfort to boho spaces. So, introduce wooden furniture pieces like a center table, armchairs, and a chest of drawers in your boho home. Or showcase beautiful weaves in the form of wicker side tables, partition screens, or woven pendant lamps. 

You can also introduce jute rugs, leather poufs, and a hanging wicker chair. All these materials will add texture and bring the entire space together.

6. Display Storytelling Tokens

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Image source: ariyonainterior.com

Bohemian design can showcase your nomadic lifestyle by introducing collectibles from varied places. It can be through art pieces, sculptures, tapestries, lamps, wall hangings, mirrors, handicrafts, and textiles. You can also fill every physical space with family heirloom trinkets or travel memoirs that tell a story.

Never mind if the things do not match, keep experimenting with placement and clustering. All these elements will boost conversations and make the space feel cozy and inviting.

7. Make the Interiors Botanical-Rich

Bohemian interiors are incomplete without the addition of plants. Botanicals are a crucial element of boho-style design because they improve indoor air quality and add an energetic touch to the room. 

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Image source: curatedinterior.com

Any greenery can complement bohemian interiors. For example, succulents or cacti in varying shapes and sizes give an artsy look. Tropical plants like monstera, palm, philodendron, and alocasia add a boho-chic charm. Similarly, hanging devil’s ivy or spider plants from knotted macrame planters will create a cascading look. You can also add levels with terracotta or ceramic plant stands and woven planters to offer visual interest. So, bring the natural world inside and uplift the interior space.

8. Accentuate the Walls

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Image source: poshpennies.com

Accentuating the interior walls is one of the best ways to respect the bohemian theme. So, start with a geometric or jungle-themed wallpaper on the accent wall. Or, hang a tapestry with vibrant colors over the empty wall. You can also use stencils or draw freehand sketches to decorate the feature wall. All these will add visual interest and make the space more dynamic.

9. Introduce Low-level Seating

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Image source: curatedinterior.com

The boho-chic philosophy is all about chilling out and relaxing. Therefore, introduce a few low-level seating options to showcase the laidback lifestyle. For instance, leather poufs, bean bags, and soft ottomans work great in a boho-themed interior. Or, add a mattress, cushions, and side pillows to set the mood.

10. Let the Lights Shine

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Image source: http://realsimple.com/

Understated ambient lights fulfill a calm and welcoming aura of bohemian decor ideas. Do not rely on singular overhead fixtures. Instead, decorate the room with plenty of candles, lanterns, floor or table lamps, low-hanging pendants, and string lights. You will also find funky chandeliers in various shapes and styles in the market. So, choose the ones that seem perfect for the interiors and mix and match them accordingly.


Unlike modern or minimalist interior design, bohemian decor ideas never follow specific rules. This design is the living embodiment of the “more is more” concept. 

However, you must follow some tips to master this interior design as a beginner. Therefore, use this guide as the stepping stone to creating your dream bohemian home.

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