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This Beautiful Café in Rishikesh Offers Pleasant Scenes of Ganges

Traveling to Rishikesh is incomplete until and unless you visit a café with a breathtaking view of the Ganges. Well, there are some pleasant ghats stepping into the holy water, giving you a serene experience. But that’s a story to tell in a different time zone!!

It was a regular day in my hometown when a sudden plan came into the picture to visit “The Yoga City”. Driving through the holiday traffic we made it there in two hours and took a short trip to the Ram Jhula, later completing our regular ritual of visiting the ghats. On our way back, we got a little lost and ended up gazing at one of the boards that read “HIDE-OUT CAFÉ”. Well, we gave it a chance and entered inside.

Cafe in Rishikesh

The Architect inside me wanted to capture every corner of this place (and so I did). A unique vibe welcomed the visitors in an outdoor space with a path leading to the seating area segregated into different moods perfectly blending this space with its surroundings. When one enters, there is a rare chance to figure out what this place will end up into!!

café in Rishikesh
Pathway of Restaurant; Photo credit – Mahima

“Following the right path always leads to beautiful destinations.” This is what rang in my head while digging further inside the café in Rishikesh. Before deciding on ‘OUR’ spot, the curiosity bugs led us to roam around the whole place and capture each and every detail in our minds.

café in Rishikesh
Center Feature; Photo credit – Mahima

The idea of the space was to keep it natural and simple, which oozed out from everywhere the eyes followed. The most eye-capturing piece was a wooden door recycled and used as a focal point, encircled by colorful species of flowers. The blue color splashed on it gave out a bold and calm essence at once. I actually stared at it for a while, lost in thoughts, thoughts leading me to the journey of this door and appreciating its final destination. A destination is so captivating that one can get lost and mesmerized by it!!

café in Rishikesh
Graffiti Wall; Photo credit – Mahima

What comes to your mind when you look at a graffiti wall? Certainly, a sense of drama and excitement will pop up with vibrant colors and new quirky styles. Here it adds positive energy to the whole space while being at the backdrop.

Seating space; Photo credit – Mahima
Seating Space; Photo credit – Mahima

Close to Nature

One of the sitting spaces on a lightly lifted platform covered by a pavilion segregates the space as a semi-private arrangement. The use of colors seamlessly blends this space creating a natural ecosystem where one can enjoy while being close to nature.

The Deck; Image credit – tripadvisor.in

A breathtaking view awaited as we moved further, passing through the fence to an open deck where everything felt quiet at once. Away from the chit-chatter of the crowd where the only noise one can hear is of the Ganges flowing meld with the chirping of birds. Adjoining this deck, were the steps leading to this heaven. These steps ended in a paved pathway named ‘Asthapath’ that runs parallel to the river and can be seen through the deck itself. We kept the excitement to ourselves and decided to finally sit at our spot. 

Seating space; Image credit – TripAdvisor.in

Sense of Enclosure

A concrete fixed sitting caught our eyes at once!! With a circular form, it stood out from the rest of the space boldly making its mark. “Circular forms give a sense of enclosure, making a private space on their own.” I was constantly making such statements from the second I entered this space. Before signing off to the Asthapath, I wandered my gaze around the space for the last time and then at the view, wondering how nature and building forms work hand in hand collectively. 

Have you ever wondered why being close to nature is so important? Why is it important to have such spaces that blend with their surroundings? And most importantly, why do we need to visit them? All these questions will be answered once you step inside this café in Rishikesh and savor every bit of this space.

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Ar. Mahima Singh

An Architect by profession and a human by intention, she is trying to make the world a better place. For her, writing is like meditation through which she can put her thoughts out to the world.

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