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A Quick Start Guide to Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is available in various sizes, colors, plank styles, shades, surface texture, flooring patterns and finishes.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is constructed using three principal layers-decorative layer, a core layer and the backing layer which simulates wood.

Decorative layer consists of a design layer and outer layer. The outer protective layer is made from aluminum oxide which has wear and tear. Ensures stain free surface. The design layer is a high-resolution photograph of floors surface with realistic pattern and texture.

The core layer consists of typical hardwood or a high-density board which protects from moisture.

Backing layer or film for dimensional stability and support.

Construction and Production

Pressure Applied


  • Made using 1000 -1500 pounds of pressure
  • Perfect for areas with high amounts of foot traffic.
  • Possess high durability and strength


  • Made using 300-500 pounds of pressure
  • Used in areas with less foot traffic such as small offices



Available in light, medium and dark in various colors as per location and supplier.

LIGHT COLORS like white and grey create an airy and spacious atmosphere. It appears modern and sophisticated.

MEDIUM COLORS like light brown and brown offers natural look and suitable for varied styles

DARK COLORS like dark brown and black makes a difference with a natural look


WIDTH: They are available as strips and planks. Strips are less than 3”. Boards can be narrow (3”-4”), wide (5”-6”), long (6”) or multi-width depending on supplier.

THICKNESS: Thickness of laminate may vary from 6mm-30mm depending on usage, pressure applied, surface finish or advanced properties.

REGULAR LAMINATE SHEETS: thickness 8mm to 15mm.these sheets are glued by carpenters on plywood, MDF, etc. Using adhesive

COMPACT LAMINATE SHEETS: Thickness varies from 3mm to 30mm.these are self-supporting. The top and bottom sides have decorative surfaces

Plank Style

  • 1 STRIP PLANK: a single plank
  • 2 STRIP PLANK: look of natural hardwood appearance using a 2 strip design on one plank
  • 3 STRIP PLANK: creates the look of narrow strips of flooring within one plank


Available in dark shade, light shade, medium/neutral shade.


Edge details may vary according to manufacturer or supplier.

  • SQUARE EDGE: floors are finished with 90-degree edges
  • MICRO-BEVELED: micro bevel of rounded corner
  • DEEP BEVELED: with a v edge
  • PAINTED BEVEL: edges are painted with a different look

Surface Texture

Texture is smooth/ embossed or hand scrapped.

Flooring Pattern

Different flooring patterns are available in the market. Herringbone, chevron, parquet, horizontal/vertical.

Finish sheen/Gloss Level


The more glosser, the light reflects off the floors, this, in turn, shows more dirt/dust as well as imperfections on the floor. Satin has some sheen and creates a classic and contemporary feel.

Installation Method for Laminate Flooring

TONGUE AND GROOVE: the tongue and grooves of the two planks interlock each other and form a strong bond

GLUED DOWN: involves the use of bonding agent or adhesive, which is applied directly to the subfloor.

PRE GLUED: glue is already applied and edges are damped to activate the glue

UNDERLAYMENT: in this type of installation, a floor is not directly attached to subfloor but installed over a layer of underlay which itself is laid over a subfloor.

Rating according to Resistance to wear

  • Ac1: works best in low traffic areas in your home
  • Ac2: works best in a residential setting with light foot traffic
  • Ac3: works best in a residential setting with heavy foot traffic
  • Ac4: works best in heavy residential and commercial spaces with some traffic including boutiques, salons, doctors’ offices, and cafes.
  • Ac5: works best in commercial buildings with heavy foot traffic, such as public buildings, offices and large stores.
  • Ac6: durable and tough laminate used in commercial settings.

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