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9 Types Of Pavement Materials To Elevate Landscapes

Pavement materials are crucial as they add a spark or chill to your landscape. Furthermore, choosing the right and suitable pavement material is critical in order to get the desired design of your landscape. Due to this factor, they are widely used worldwide. According to the research, the revenue of landscape architectural services in New York is approximated to reach 380,7 million US dollars by 2024.

If you want to furnish your landscape, but you are not sure that which type of pavement material used in the landscape will look best or give your landscape a lucrative effect, or if you are paving the first time or want to repave your property.

 After reading this article, you will be more confident in choosing the best pavement material for your specific requirement. Which pavement material is ideal for hot-climate areas? Or if you want a pavement material for the patio? You will indeed find everything and answer each question here. So, move ahead and keep reading on.  


A paver is a paving material such as tile, brick and stone etc., ordinarily used for exterior flooring. Furthermore, the pavement may indicate outdoor flooring or the durable surfacing of roads or walkways. Usually, pavement cost varies due to several factors. For instance, its price can also depend upon its availability in certain areas.

Types of Pavement Materials For Landscape

Here is a precise summary of some of the common materials that are used in paving the landscape:


pavement materials

Concrete is generally affordable, easy to install and maintain. Due to these reasons, cast-in-concrete pavers are taken as standard. However, the standard doesn’t reflect that it can’t add life to your landscape. One can create several textures, pattern and colours to achieve an eye-catching and desired landscape. 

Conversely,  pre-cast concrete pavers are available in different colors and textures.  Concrete, a paving material for roadways, enables you to add a lively and bold look to your property with a budget-friendly option. Indeed, it is the best paving material.


  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Pocket-friendly.



Brick is amongst the most common paving materials which are used to make a variety of fun patterns. It is ideal to use in the surroundings of the pool due to its slip-resistant texture. Due to this, it can be considered as a paving material for the gardens.  The reddish tones of bricks bring warmth to the environment of the garden.

Moreover, bricks will not make your garden look so congested. In addition to that, bricks have a longer life span. It is readily available and affordable, as well.


  • Durable
  • Easily available


pavement materials

Do you want a pavement material to add a theatrical feeling to your property? If yes, then look no further than this. Tiles are bold and sizzling landscape paving material that adds a spark into the environment. Other than that, tiles are available in rich and fascinating colours. Due to which their looks and texture can heat-up your landscape. However, they are not easy to maintain. As their maintenance will give you a challenging time.


  • Available in a variety of lucrative colours.
  • Enhances the beauty of your landscape.


pavement materials

Undoubtedly, gravel is the best patio paving material. Moreover,  it is found as a dissolved or decomposed stone. Therefore, it can only be filled between sturdy edges. This paving material imparts a unique and classy look.

  • Ideal patio and path paving material. 
  • Provides permeability.

5.Stone as pavement materials

Stone is another type of landscape paving material that is extensively utilised in construction and landscaping. Moreover,  it is more famous due to its stability, long life and beauty. Besides, it consists of many materials, for instance

  • Limestone.
  • Travertine.
  • Granite.
  • Bluestone.


Pavement materials

If you want a pavement material for warm areas, then you can consider limestone.  Limestone comes in three light colours. Due to these light colours, it is excellent paving material for hot-climate areas because they can’t absorb heat; instead, they reflect it. Moreover, the natural colours range of limestone, e.g. white, off-white and greyish-white, gives a warm and subtle feeling to its surroundings.


  • Suitable for hot areas.
  • Gives a subtle look.


Pavement materials

Are you looking for a strong paving material? If yes, then travertine will prove a good option because it is strong and hard to break. Other than that, it transfers cooling sensation upon touching. As a result of its cooling ability, It can be considered an option to surround a pool. Additionally, it gives a lovely feeling to those with bare feet. As it is robust paving material; therefore, it is easy to maintain and difficult to break.


  • Sturdy paving material.
  • Gives a cooling sensation.



If you want a paving material that lasts longer, you should probably go for granite as it has a longer life span, so it is expensive than other paving materials. However,  it worth the money and investment in granite pays you off in the coming time. Moreover,  you will end up getting more than your investment.


  • A rigid paving material.
  • Has longer life span.



In case if you want a random look in your landscape, then you can achieve it by using bluestone. Bluestone is a random textured pavement material. It is called random as it is broken along its length to create some appealing flagstones. Their breakage from the center and arbitrary shape can impart a most elegant and stylish look.

 If anyone wants a regular texture for the patio, then dimensioned rectangular pattern bluestone can be an option. Here it proves that it can also be used as a patio paving material.


  • Imparts elegant and beautiful look.
  • It can be used for the patio.

Plants Between Pavers


When plants are grown between pavement materials, they impart a subtle and soothing effect on your patio or pathway. In concerning this, it is suggested to choose short plants. So, that they cannot block your way. Moreover, select the plants that grow and fill the space contributing towards the more softer and fresher look of plants and consequently of pavers.

The plants you can consider to plant between pavement, materials include Irish moss, dwarf mondo grass and elfin thyme etc.

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying A Pavement Material

There are ample options for pavement material available in the market, making it difficult for you to pick an ideal one. Here ideal one means which perfectly fulfils your requirement. As everybody or more precisely, each person expect different thing from pavement material. Therefore, first, you have to catch-up on what you need from pavement material. Then go for that particular material that has the capability to meet your need. After all these steps, you will be confident and believe me; no regrets will come after.

  • If you want a strong and sturdy pavement material because maintenance may seem difficult to you, go for tough material. In this case, you can choose either granite or travertine.
  • However,  if you expect only elegance, then tiles and bluestone could be a better option.
  • In case if you are looking for a pavement material that has a multitude of benefits in one material. Like you want affordable,  elegant and tough material at the same time. Under these circumstances, you should choose one among bricks or concrete.

Final Words

You can use pavement materials for either their classy look or durability. As some materials are strong and some are tough to maintain. Therefore if you have kids in your house, then it will be difficult for you to prevent the tiles from damage. So, select the pavement material as per your preference or priorities.

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