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15 Distinct Pooja Room Decor Ideas That Make Your Room Look Beautiful

You generally look for design ideas while upgrading a living room, kitchen, or bedroom. But have you ever considered redesigning a pooja room to make it look better? People who live in small apartments in urban areas often struggle to design a pooja room due to insufficient usable space. That is why we have accumulated a few tricks to deal with that problem. So, let us take inspiration from these stunning pooja room decor ideas to make it look larger.

A pooja room is the heart of a home that sets the aura for peace, positivity, and prosperity. Driven by devotion, this place is the cynosure of harmony that brings peace to our minds and soul. It is a designated space to meditate, offer prayers, and indulge in spirituality. Therefore, create a heavenly atmosphere that welcomes serenity, warmth, and elegance within this space.

Play With Lights

pooja room decor ideas
Image source: koloapp.in

Lights add elegance and create the illusion of a bigger space. So, opt for different types of lights that accentuate the pooja room. Be creative with string lights and place brass diyas all around. Even hanging chandelier-like overhead lighting will suffice.

Use Pastel Colors

pooja room decor ideas
Image source: in.pinterest.com

Refrain from painting the pooja room walls with dark or bright colors. Instead, use pastel colors like white, cream, and light yellow.  Pastel shades make the room look airy and peaceful and offer a sense of tranquility.

Incorporate Glass

pooja room decor ideas
Image source: in.pinterest.com

The pooja room is often the smallest-built room in the house. So, incorporate glass on the door, windows, or shelves to make the room appear bigger. You can choose stained glass to let the sunlight pass through it and wash the room with colors. It will also substitute as an illuminated artwork and enhance the pooja room decor ideas.

Introduce Backlit Panels

pooja room decor ideas
Image source: in.pinterest.com

Do not be afraid to incorporate eclectic-style pooja room decor ideas if you want the room to be a focal point in your house. Create a background with bright backlit panels. It will illuminate the mandir and highlight all the added features.

Create A Stoney Haven

pooja room decor ideas
Image source: livspace.com

Stone walls and floors are renowned for injecting a calm, down-to-earth, and soothing aura into an interior space. So, elevate the pooja room decor ideas with beautiful stone-cladding flooring. You can also use a variety of stones in the backdrop and make the room luxurious.

Enhance With Marble

pooja room decor ideas
Image source: in.pinterest.com

Marble lends a touch of richness and elegance to the space. Its eye-catching design is perfect for enhancing all the pooja room decor ideas. Moreover, you will not have to worry about bugs and termites.

So, incorporate a floor-standing temple into the space. But stick to white or light-colored marble to make the room appear larger.

Prefer Wood

pooja room decor ideas
Image source: divyakala.com

If you are worried about the coldness of an all-white space, complement it with wooden accents. It adds warmth, peace, elegance, and life to a monotonous pooja room. You can also incorporate an intricately carved wooden backdrop for a modern outlook.

Use Jali Partitions

Image source: livspace.com

Introducing latticework and jali partitions can also enhance the pooja room decor ideas. So, build an enclosure with jalis, place it around the mandir, and make it a part of your living room. Jali partitions are cheap, easy to install, and provide enough privacy. Therefore, introducing them will create an area of interest without affecting the rest of the space.

Install Folding/Sliding Doors

Image source: thearchitectsdiary.com

A closed pooja unit that can transform into an open mandir can be a brilliant addition to your home. Instead of swinging doors, opt for folding or sliding doors. Because folding doors occupy less space and make the pooja room even more appealing.

Build a Half Open Mandir

Image source: in.pinterest.com

The pooja room does not need to be open all the time. So, install a Dutch door in place of a normal door. This is ideal for everyone who likes having an elaborate home temple but lacks enough space. You can add tinted glass panels with a wooden frame with bells to elevate the visual interest.

Avoid Overcrowding

Image source: koloapp.in

Minimalism allows the pooja room decor ideas to shine like any other room. So, go easy on the decoration and keep only the necessary accessories. Bonus: avoid placing more than one idol of the same deity. It will help you in making the space proportionate.

Scale Everything Down

Image source: in.pinterest.com

Another trick to make a pooja room look bigger is to avoid bulky pieces that occupy too much space. So, scale everything down and leave a little space between every element and the wall. It will create a sense of roominess.

Install Modern Pooja Units With Cabinets

Image source: in.pinterest.com

Modern pooja units with inbuilt cabinets have already become very popular. They help in hiding the clutter and keeping the space clean and organized. Plus, they can fit anywhere! So, install one in your home and leave the rest of the area open. That way, your mandir can double up as a display unit.

Mount The Unit On The Wall

Image source: designcafe.com

While installing a pooja unit in your home, be a little more creative and mount it on the wall. Mounting elements on the wall work like magic in small spaces because they give you enough circulation space and keep the floor clean. Pooja room decor ideas like these make the room look modern.

Place It In An Open Living Room 

Image source: livspace.com

Have you ever considered having a pooja corner in the extra space of your living room? You should because placing a pooja room in an open living area works wonders. A minimalist living area is ideal for accommodating all your pooja activities. It is spacious, clutter-free, and gives an impression of a bigger space.


A pooja room embodies deep-rooted values and traditions that are prevailing through generations. A place of such importance must be able to capture a tranquil ambiance. Whether you have a small apartment or a spacious duplex, use these pooja room decor ideas to enhance the worship place.

By Sreyoshi Dhali

While finding her solace in silence and everything mundane, Shreyosi prefers to untangle the chaos inside her head and makes an effort to paint scenarios with words that keep her awake at night.

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