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10 Unique Ways to Embrace Transitional Decor that Makes Your Home Cozier

Do you often find yourself in a dilemma because you admire old and new designs both? Then, you must give transitional decor ideas a try!

Transitional-style interior design is a combination of modern and classical styles. It combines various design elements and creates a unique design that does not feel too stuffy or stark. Transitional design bridges the gap between two opposite design styles by emphasizing comfort. It balances antiques with new pieces, luxury with simplicity, and masculine with feminine design elements.

But how can you achieve this design? Follow these tips below and learn various ways to design a transitional-style interior.

10 Transitional Decor Ideas

Pick Neutral Hues 

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Transitional decor ideas support the use of a neutral color palette. It includes beige, ivory, tan, taupe, and grey. These hues provide a good backdrop for both traditional and contemporary furniture pieces.

However, you can also use masculine colors like midnight blue, dark brown, and black to complement taupe, tan, and vanilla. It will add depth to the monotonous hues and balance the overall interior look.

Add Colorful Accessories

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Do you think the neutral-colored walls will put off the transitional decor ideas? Then there is nothing to worry about because you can still incorporate colorful accessories. Add pops of color with vibrant curtains, pillows, tablecloths, and other decorative pieces. You can also reupholster the statement furniture pieces with a bright-colored textile if you have the budget. It will add life to the space.

Balance the Furniture Pieces

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The furniture pieces used in transitional decor ideas are the admixture of modern and traditional features. That is why designers remodel large traditional furniture to match the sleek status and make them more sophisticated. 

So, look for modern furniture pieces with low-profile silhouettes and skinny legs to offset the bulky armchairs, plush ottomans, and cozy sofas.

Do Not Underestimate Lighting

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Transitional-style lighting defines the sleekness of the modern light fixtures and the brilliance of the traditional chandeliers. It comes in unique shapes and has a good finish. They are functional, durable, and can transform the outlook of your interior space.

Therefore, incorporate lighting that complements the interior design accurately. For instance, add a molecular light piece or contemporary chandelier to create a focal point. You can also pair a swing-arm sconce with a plush white couch.

Use Metallic Accents in Transitional Decor

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Image source: housesevendesign.com

Metallic accents can be an attractive addition in transitional homes because they work seamlessly with every type of interior decor. Incorporate gold, copper, or bronze to accentuate the furniture, decorative accessories, and lighting. Otherwise, you can combine multiple metals instead of choosing one metal finish for a trendy outlook.

Layer Rugs for Texture

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Carpets are a vital part of transitional decor ideas. They add color and texture to the room, complement the furniture, and offer a luxury touch to the flooring. But choose neutral-colored or woven rugs to accentuate the transitional design of the room. You can layer two printed rugs or pair a boldly patterned carpet with a muted traditional one.

Include Statement-making Traditional Piece

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A striking piece of traditional furniture or decorative item can highlight the transitional decor ideas in your interior space. So, introduce a large wooden table, dresser, wall clock, bookshelf, mirror, or anything from the older era. You can also reupholster statement-making furniture or apply a coat of paint to highlight its features.

It will allow you to celebrate traditional craftsmanship and make the room attractive.

Hang Classic Curtains in Transitional Decor

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Drapes are one of the most crucial elements of transitional decor ideas. So, hang a few elegant curtains over the windows if you think the room is becoming too modern. It will make a unique statement amidst the sleek background and balance the interior space.

Infuse Contemporary Art

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Infusing modern or contemporary art is a clever way to incorporate transitional decor ideas in any interior space. Since a transitional-style home relies on accessories, details like these can make the interior attractive. So, display a few pieces of your favorite contemporary artwork and create a focal point. You can also layer an abstract art piece over a wall with printed wallpaper. 

Add a lot of Cushions

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Transitional decor ideas incorporate a lot of cushions in the interior space. Whether in contemporary patterns or classic prints, a pillow can brighten a transitional home like nothing else! Moreover, it makes the interior space cozy and ultra-utilitarian. Therefore, add plenty of pillows in a true maximalist style.


The ever-evolving nature of contemporary design elements leads to the progression of transitional decor ideas. Consequently, the dynamic nature of transitional-style interiors has allowed them to stay prominent to date. And we are sure this interior design will sustain for a long time if you apply these tricks properly.

By Sreyoshi Dhali

While finding her solace in silence and everything mundane, Shreyosi prefers to untangle the chaos inside her head and makes an effort to paint scenarios with words that keep her awake at night.

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