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Window Treatments – Shutters and Its Types

Window Shutters

Shutters are a type of hard window treatment available in a variety of styles and materials which can be installed internally or externally

They consists of a solid and stable frame of horizontal rails and vertical stiles. Louvers are present within this frame which can be horizontal or vertical

Shutters add elegance and character to any room providing privacy and protection.

Window shutters save on heating and cooling costs by providing insulation. When shutters are fully closed, they form an insulating layer, creating a vacuum between themselves and the window glass that delays heat transfer forms an excellent barrier against air currents.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters come in 3 different varieties:

  • Vinyl Plantation Shutters
  • Composite Plantation Shutters
  • Wood Plantation Shutters

Vinyl Plantation Shutters

Vinyl shutters are the least expensive.

They are of PVC and no wood is present. They have aluminum or PVC supports


  • Economical and resistant to weather and moisture.
  • Fire retardant and thermal efficiency.
  • Available in different types to provide structural stability.


  • Limited style and colour options.
  • Do not add value to the house and not a suitable option for older buildings.
  • Heavier than wood and composite shutters
  • Can’t be painted or stained.


  • Hollow Vinyl:
    • The louvres and frame are hollow from inside as the name suggests. They come in limited sizes and can’t support its own weight and sag for larger sizes. They are resistant to the weather.
  • Structured Hollow Vinyl:
    • These are considered better structural integrity as supports or sections are placed within hollow vinyl louvers and frames. They also help to reduce sag in the vinyl frame.
  • Solid Vinyl:
    • As the name suggests it is completely solid throughout and filled with blown PVC. Provide better structural integrity than hollow and structured hollow vinyl.
    • Also solid vinyl is available with aluminum inserted inside solid to provide better structural integrity.
  • Vinyl Clad:
    • This has solid hardwood inside hollow vinyl to improve strength and durability.

Composite Plantation Shutters

These are made with engineered wood/faux wood/MDF medium density fiberboard with a vinyl layer or wrap over it. Vinyl protects the wood layer below it.

Composite faux wood shutters are not as good as vinyl in high moisture areas.


  • Economical than real wood
  • Moisture and thermal resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Environmentally friendly since it is made from recycled materials


  • Less elegant and heavier than real wood.
  • Can’t be painted or stained and few colour options available.

Wood Plantation Shutters

Made from wood which offers natural and warm feel to home décor.

Definite fine grain and beautiful texture with unique details.

Basswood shutters offer a good strength to weight ratio.


  • Durable, long-lasting and highly insulating.
  • Add value and blends with any style or décor of the home.
  • Can be painted or stained or left natural.
  • Offers more flexibility when designing custom shutters.


  • Likely to warp and bend in areas of high moisture.
  • Expensive
  • Presence of chemicals can damage the wood.

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